Sunday, 17 January 2016

My weekend projects

As I have told you I usually have lots of projects going on at the same time. This weekend I managed to finish one of them: the pair of woolen socks that you saw in my last post. Then the other project that I have to continue tomorrow is about used tin cans. I have cut and hammered these leaves (awful noise!) from tin cans. Flowers are in progress, cut but not hammered and shaped. If my project succeeds these are to become something colorful and pretty.

Then I have been hooked to Charlaine Harris´ book Midnight Crossroads. I could not get it of my hands last night. I read till 3 a.m. :) I found her novel from library by accident. I did not know that she has started a new book series 2014. I have read all Sookie Stackhouse novels and I love her humor. This new book is as entertaining as the last one and full of supernatural mysteries. I still have 100 more pages left, luckily. I truly recommend if you are bored to watch tv but seek after action.

Now I am listening to old hit songs from the radio and planning what kind of socks I am going to knit next (I have to get rid of the bags full of yarn:). I went outside just to notice it is too cold (-25 C) to be there for long. The dark period of the year `kaamos` has finally ended even in the northernmost part of Lapland. They can now see the sun for an our a day when it did not rise at all for two months. Imagine that. In this part of Lapland we have seen glimpses of the sun even during the darkest period. From that perspective I am living in a southern resort :D

Have a good start for the week!



  1. Vau! Lukaisin kerralla kaiken ja olen vaikuttunut. Ihana koti ja värikkäitä ideoita. Tykkään kovasti :)

  2. Kiitos, mukava kuulla :) Kiva, että on muitakin, jotka ovat värien perään

  3. Kauniita nuo teräslehdet. Eipä uskoisi, että ovat säilyketölkeistä. Niin ne vaan jotkut oivaltaa ja osaa. Odotan kovasti näkeväni, mitä noista sitten syntyi.

  4. Kiitos, varsinkin kultaiset ja hopeiset tölkit ovat kaunista materiaali ihan sellaisenaan. Projekti valmistuu toivottavasti huomenna ja saan sitten viikonloppuna kuvattua. Kyllähän kierrätysmateriaali vaatii enemmän aikaa, mutta toisaalta on inspiroivaa miten paljon ilmaista materiaalia löytyy kun vaan pikkasen miettii mitä siitä voisi tehdä.


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