Monday, 15 February 2016

DIY: Flower fairy lights from soap bottles

It is snowing the third or fourth day in row. Cloudy days are also a bit dark and I feel a need to light little fairy lights to bring a touch of coming spring to my home. This year the first blossoms of spring come from the bathroom as these flowers are made of soap and shampoo bottles. If you are as lazy as I am you might already have some empty soap bottles on the bathroom sink so you don´t have to wait until the bottles are empty :) 

You will need: 

transparent shampoo/soap/dishwasher bottles
battery operated fairy lights that do not heat (!)
drilling machine
4mm drill
small nail
transparent elastic band

Cut the leaves and flowers following the pictures above. Hammer little holes to the leaves so that you can thread them to elastic band. Twine the elastic band with leaves to the wire. After you have cut a flower drill a hole in the middle and then cut the flower open as shown in the last picture. This way it is easy to place the flowers around the lights. Now you are ready!


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Best of wishes Sannu


  1. Ihanat valot, juuri passelin keväiset!

    1. Kiitos! Nämä ois ihanat vaikka keväiseen kattaukseen tai ikkunalaudalle ennen kuin kukkivia kasveja taas saa enemmälti :)


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