Tuesday, 23 February 2016

DIY idea: Needle felted garland

This needle felted garland is a fun project because it includes different techniques and lots of color and some glitter.


You will need:

styrofoam hearts
wool rowing (in wanted colors)
felting needle

warm water for felting the beads between the hearts


golden crocheting yarn
1,75 mm hook > for crocheting wanted letters to the hearts

small nails

golden/ glittery beads

very thin crocheting yarn (to which you can string hearts and beads) and long thin needle.

1. Needle felt the styrofoam hearts. Add a thin layer of felt to the heart and stab the heart with the needle to attach the felt. Add felt little by little to get an even surface.

2. Make felted balls with soap and warm water. Take a little amount of felt and make it a tight bundle. Dip the bundle to warm water and add some soap. Start rolling the wool between your hands (like you´d make a bun). Don´t press too hard in the beginning.

3. Crochet letters of your choice. This could make a beautiful Happy Birthday garland too with more hearts. Crocheting the letters is not difficult because they don´t have to be so precise. Just chain some loops and shape the letter with second round using single crochets and slip stitches. You can also cut the letters from golden cardboard. Attach the letters by small nails (craft shops sell very small nails).

4. Then it is time to string the hearts and beads with thin crocheting yarn. I didn´t go through the hearts as I haven´t got a needle that long. I just sew first in from the other side of the heart and came out from the middle (at the wrong side) and then in and out from the other side.

5. Hang the garland with the yarn coming from both ends of the garland.


As I made this garland to my kitchen it inspired me to make rearrangements in the whole kitchen :) 

 The text is from Star Trek :) Every day is a kind of final frontier where no one has been before. So lets be bold with tomorrow.


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