Monday, 2 May 2016

Home is a big mood board

Home sweet home! I am back home and blogging after one and a half months of living and working away from home. Wonderful experience that was, it was still a bit surprising how much it effected to my creativity that I was not surrounded by all this colorful DIY material. I noticed that if I don´t see all these piles of yarn, paint, fabric etc. my brain will stop planning new DIY projects. I did some crocheting though, but the "normal" constant stream of ideas was away (You know that hard to get sleep -feeling when you just burst with creativity?). It is like this home and this stuff inside it forms a big mood board for my project planning...

Situation is now completely different :) I have been in the local yarn shop twice, bought some spray paint and started three different projects. I would also like to do something with my balcony. At least clean and organize it, to start with.

Winter has changed into spring at some point. Last week I was skiing, now it is plus 15 Celsius degrees! Some trees have begun to grow small leaves and birds are crazy about spring screaming (singing) their voices out. After few weeks I will be able to drink morning coffee or read a book at the balcony. I just love this time of the year. What comes to making, taking photographs and writing, spring gives needed light. During the mid winter the day light lasts for few hours, now I can work till ten p.m.!

Crocheting and embroidering that is what is coming next weeks. Now I will go back to embroidering. At the end of the week you will see what that project is about :)


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