Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Finnish Cuisine: Summer Soup Recipe

Serve the soup with dill and parsley and you are ready. This lacto-vegetarian soup is one of my favorites from the Finnish cuisine. Super easy to make using frozen vegetables and tastes good with rye bread or dried bread. 

Traditional Finnish food is often some sort of meat or fish with potatoes in form or other. Some exceptions come from root vegetables, cabbage, mushrooms and berries. Most Finnish dishes are simple to make, just chop or mince and cook/ stew/ bake. The more challenging dishes are usually just time consuming, not particularly difficult (well there are of course an exception, Karelian pies require lots of practice to look right). Because I don´t eat meat I mostly make my own variations from Finnish recipes and I am very eager to try new recipes from abroad to get more change to my diet. Finnish way of eating vegetables, berries, grain and lots of different milk products is still a good basis for healthy eating and when in hurry simple dishes with just a few ingredients are excellent. And of course the cuisine you are familiar with is always the easiest because you have seen how your family has been making same dishes from time to time and you have learned the recipes by heart.


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