Sunday, 28 August 2016

DIY: A Wind Chime and a Bohemian Autumn Update for Kitchen

At the end of the season it is a nice idea to bring some bits of Summer inside: little pieces from nature, green plants and herbs. Home gets an Autumn update by changing just few elements and rearranging things.  In this post I will show how to make an easy wind chime that you can use in or outside decoration or for example as a welcoming ornament in a front door. I also tell how I styled my little kitchen for the Autumn.

For a Wind Chime you will need:

some thicker branches from the ground
sea shells (bought mine from a shop)
strong cotton yarn


a drill machine
Japanese saw

How to:

1. Take one longer branch as the frame for the work from which you can hang smaller branches. Take about 9 smaller branches and 40 sea shells. 

2. If you like a more finished look use a Japanese saw to take off the uneven branch ends. Drill 13 holes in a row to the frame branch. Drill one hole to the one end in every small branch. Stab a small hole in every shell with a knife.

3.  Make a hanger by attaching a string from end to end to the frame branch (use same holes to put corner sea shell rows). Attach the other branches with yarn to the frame (leave the yarn a bit long so that the wood pieces have space to move with the wind) by making a big knot. String about 10 shells to one row with cotton yarn (to keep shells separate make a knot when attaching a shell) and attach to the frame. 

I didn´t go buying all new for the season, mostly I just used the things I already had. Old Asparagus plant moved from living room to kitchen and got a new basket. I decorated the basket with pom poms as I don´t seem to have reached the limit with them. I also changed the tablets from light flower tablets to these darker ones that are new.  I took a candle plate and red decorative lights from storage. I have also had herbs in the balcony but now I took new ones that I try to grow inside. Most my plants are in plastic easy to water pots but in the kitchen I wanted to use terracotta pots and a cover basket for the Asparagus that has a plastic pot. Oatmilk cartons have such a fun texts and designs that I made a planter using one carton.  Because of the big plant and decorative lights I took the curtains off to get more airy look. As days begin to go shorter I do not mind getting all the light in. 

By the way, crafting always pays itself off as I have made the zig zag pot as a kid and I am still using it :) Maybe I am not using carton planter after 15 years but things that I have really put time in have been used for several years. Sometimes I don´t even notice how time has gone when I recycle same old things round the house and via storage over and over again. But maybe that is the way; being creative with the things you got and mixing them with something new every now and then. Not everything stays after season or two but some are made for a lifetime.


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