Friday, 19 August 2016

Quilted Blanket +Books about Textile Work and Quilting

It is Friday which means Crafts and DIY themed post. I am sharing my finished quilting project plus some book recommendations for you to get inspired for quilting and working with fabrics in general.

Now that I got my new blanket ready I also got the sleeping area finished. You might wonder what a carnival of color it is. I love to use color and my point with this space was to make all things super colorful and otherwise keep more simple style approach in my home. I have tried to put some things aside so that the items on display will stand out. But in this limited corner I let myself fully express my colorful side. In the detail pictures you can see one way of making decorative quilt stitches.

Today I also wanted to share some book tips especially for quilters and quilters to be. These books have been both helpful and inspiring when trying to learn more about the technique. 

About technique:

The Quilt: Encyclopedia Illustrated.  Carter Houck. 1991. Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
Good book that helps you to learn the terms and technique types. By browsing this book you might find more interesting ways to quilt and study more from other sources. Excellent and informative pictures to get you hooked on the world of quilting!

The Quilter´s and Patchworker´s Stitch Bible. Nikki Tinkler. 2006. Search Press Ltd.
The must have book about stitches and how to add the finishing touches to your work. Enormous ways to sew decorative stitches and knots. Includes decorating techniques from all over the world (for example sisa embroidering).

The Pattern Library. Patchwork and applique. Amy Carroll, Michele Walker. 1981. Dorling Kindersley.
Pattern library indeed this book introduces plenty of traditional quilting models. Despite the small size this book has a lot of information about the history of patchwork and what kind of origins and symbols different patterns hold.

About design and use of color:

Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts. 23 Original Quilting Designs. Kaffe Fasset, Liza Prior Lucy. 2010. ABRAMS.
Kaffe Fasset is the ultimate master of color. I think almost every quilter knows his work. This book contains wonderful designs that you can make though the models are quite challenging. I think this more of an art book and I use this as a source of inspiration. I love the way how design processes have been opened with lots of pictures from urban environments etc.

A Colorful Journey. Over twenty designs from ROWAN for Patchwork and Quilting. Kaffe Fasset. 2003. Rowan Yarns. 
Quilting patterns from top designers with a combining theme: color. Bold designs from easier to more challenging ones. Also a good book for studying techniques. It is nice to notice how simple the main technique might be but when you plan the use of colorful fabrics with care you can get outstanding results!

Quilting from little things... Sarah Fielke. 2011. Murdoch Books Pty Limited.
I love designs that have a more organic approach to quilting. Even though a certain amount of symmetry is good for balanced quilt work I think it is interesting to use creativity when cutting the fabric. Of course when you use peculiar shapes you have to be ready to sew by hand. This book´s quilted items have also very neat and beautiful hand sewn stitches as part of the design.

Pure inspiration:

These two books are not particularly quilting books but you can use these as a source of inspiration when making crafts in general. Also excellent books for designing the use of color and pattern. Lots of good quality pictures.

Textiles. A World Tour. Discovering traditional fabrics and patterns. Catherine Legrand. 2008. Thames and Hudson.

World Textiles. A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques.  Johgn Gillow and Bryan Sentance. 1999. Thames and Hudson.

Hope this list of sources will help you. Have an inspiring and relaxing weekend!

Would you like to ad something to this list? Which books have you found helpful when quilting?


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