Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Used Food Tins Transformed into Statement Home Decoration Items

This is for experimental souls :) Used tins can be reformed into statement home decoration pieces that add a little something into garden, front door and reading corner. Check out the ideas and start creating your own projects! I am quite sure you won´t be lacking material if you cook at home every now and then. Also you can ask your friends to save tins for you.

1. Decorative Garden Crown Ornament

2. Midas Touch Golden Wreath

3. Reading Under the Pickle´s Light

To learn more about the basics of this technique go to my tutorial that I wrote on January this year. Back then I made chandelier DIY and showed how to cut flowers and leaves. Also I made a table chandelier DIY on February

To the lampshade I made holes from inside using a nail and a hammer and then made the holes bigger from the outside using a drilling machine and metal drill. I removed both bottoms and attached lampshade frame using soldering iron. Even though the lampshade is relatively simple to make I would say that to make this you should have some experience about using tools needed in a safe way. Also use a light bulb that does not heat.

Garden crown is basic cutting and hammering. In the wreath I used a glue gun to attach the leaves to a styrofoam wreath. 

Have a fearless and fun DIY week!


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