Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Colorful Grunge Christmas

It is time for some Christmas inspiration again! I am very early so don´t take any Christmas pressures. My point is to be a bit early bird so that you have more time to gather ideas and think what you are going to make for this Christmas and plan how your festive season will look like. Also most of my projects are made of recycled material so if you choose to make them you will need time to collect materials needed. Plus now it is the best time to go thrifting and hunting for bargains. My experience is that month or two before Christmas all the prices go up but if you are awake now you can find last season pieces and craft supplies from sale :) And as I make a lot I do need to look at the prices too.

For this post I got inspiration from bottle caps that are nice glittery material if you figure out how to use them. About a year ago I bought metallic colored beads from sale and now I combined the caps with the beads. As a result I got decorations that can be used in a Christmas tree or as a table/wall decoration.

Technique is easy, you just open the plaits from the cap by hammering with ballpoint hammer. Then you use tongs to fold the cap. When you string the beads and caps to a wire close the folded cap tightly from the corners.

Many might think that it is somehow strange to use this kind of recycled material in Christmas crafts. But there is nothing modern about this, quite the contrary. If you look at the home made vintage Christmas decorations you might be surprised  of the innovative use of material. All kinds of (glittery) papers from packages and news papers were saved for festive decorations. Not to mention trillions of school classes that have been using toilet paper rolls and egg cartons in crafts class. As an example I have made the little stars that I put to my mini Christmas tree from an old news paper. 

I made the quilted table cloth for last Christmas and it is made of fabrics found from a thrift shop. When quilting you do not need huge amounts of one single fabric so flea markets are great places to find material and quilting as a technique is great when you want to use all the scraps from your favorite pieces.

 Think again things around you and use color, that is the key to this style. Even though you are using cheap recycled material it does not have to mean poorly made. Use all your crafting skills and make a statement with the pieces you craft!

I would like to hear about your Christmas projects and plans. What kind of Christmas person are you? Do you make all by yourself or are you enjoying the holidays with your friends and family in a bigger gathering where someone else is in charge?

Have a nice Tuesday to you all! 


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