Tuesday, 11 October 2016

DIY: Lampshade in Bloom

It is one foggy Tuesday. Not in a way that my head would be foggy, I feel clearer than in months and I have got lots of energy. I have had electric lights on all day as it has been foggy & cloudy outside and dark inside. Which gets me right into today´s DIY project: a little lampshade makeover tip.

Please do not mind the mess on the background. When I took this photo I was making sitting pads you saw in my last post on Sunday. This wooden lamp with lampshade cost only 2€ at the flea market and it is working. It is quite retro and I was planning to paint it and change the lampshade until I came to completely different thoughts. Now that we are heading towards the darkest months it is nice to have cozy lamps with a bit old fashioned (= Christmassy :) look. When spring comes I might make it over again, or not, who knows. This is very well made lamp, beautifully painted and in good shape although it is from the 70s or something. 

Flower lampshade DIY

You will need

a lampshade
fabric scraps
glue fabric
embroidering yarn
pearls/ faux crystals/ sequins

Iron, needle, pins, scissors
How to
1. Design what colors suit to decorate your lampshade.
2. Iron glue fabric to fabric scraps.
3. First cut circles from the fabric and then form the flowers as shown in the picture. Cut few leaves from leftovers.
4. Use pins to design how to arrange flowers. Sew flowers, leaves and pearls by hand using embroidering yarn.

A place for this lampshade will be the same as in before picture, in the entrance. Today the light was so poor that I took after pictures in the living room. I really like the bohemian look that the lampshade has now. Now it looks more vintage than retro.

Wishing You inspiring Tuesday and rest of the week


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