Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Home Decor Trend: Inspired by 90s and 2000s

We have already fallen in love with rattan, baskets, indoor jungles, velvet sofas and pastel shades like serenity and rose quartz. Even though you might have thought that you will never take anything from the 90s or 2000s imagery, 20 years make a difference and attitudes change. All of a sudden things begin to look good again. Now it is time to rediscover the past trends and make one´s own 2017 adaption.

Here are some interior and craft trends to consider to be updated for 2017:

Intense color surfaces and contrasts. Bring back nineties painting techniques that layered and sanded color making earthy, artisan looking and and intense surfaces. Use two tones from the same color and layer. When decorating a whole interior use contrasts instead of painting everything with the same color. For example grey wall, yellow chairs and turquoise table. In this trend you need to be careful with colors so that you get different colors work together.

Natural palette with beige, creamy white and brown. Grey has been a major trend and corner stone in interiors but now warm shades may take the place. Challenge is to find a perfect effect color to use with this palette because all beige still sounds a bit frightening.

Coziness. Reading nook is the new must have. Big shabby sofas and armchairs are something to look after at the thrift shops as well as tiny cozy lamps that bring warm light through a colorful shade.

Colorful artisan glass. This trend goes well in festive table settings adding a bit of handmade luxury. For more bohemian look combine with ceramic bowls and plates.

Quilts in home decor. Quilts can be cozy like granny square blankets or a piece of modern art on the living room wall.

Paper yarn wall hangings. To continue the weaving trend that woolen yarn started paper yarn makes wall hangings a bit lighter and brighter with various colors. You can choose black, grey and white palette or mix all the colors of the rainbow. In the nineties paper yarns were colorful but pale now shades are warmer and fuller.

Mosaic. Mosaic items match beautifully with hand crafted ceramics that have been trendy in past years. Mosaic is also perfect for closed system design projects because you can upcycle old pottery, glassware and tiles to new projects. Try in classic flower pots, trays and as a decorative detail in kitchen or garden. Be bold with colors and create a piece that competes with the sun.

Wood. Bare wood in all it´s colors. Beautiful big wooden tables are a luxurious element. Also side tables, drawers and chairs can be left without paint. In this trend you can go all new with most modern design pieces or save old gorgeously worn out peasant pieces to your home. Wooden tableware like spoons, knifes and bowls are also super trendy details that can be used in various styles like boho or modern.

Three was and is the number of colors. When one effect color isn´t enough you are allowed to choose three! Choose colors that can be recognized from each other easily (not just three shades of a same color) like pink, yellow and turquoise. Three sofa pillows all in different colors, three living room curtains all in different colors or three tablecloths all in different colors..

Are you inspired by the 90s and 2000s style or is it still too early?  Do you come up with more 90s and Millennium home decoration trends that could be updated this year? 

Wishing you all the best for the week!


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