Thursday, 12 January 2017

Spring Season Start with a Kitchen Update

Hope you have had wonderful and relaxing holiday season. I sure had. Although Christmas felt quite short this year and it took a moment  to notice that it is over. Now that the ornaments have been gone for few days it feels like Christmas was months ago. 

I usually put a lot of effort to the decor and after the season it is difficult to get started with the new season especially when it is still very dark and snowy outside and no marks of spring. This is why I created a light green and white corner to my kitchen. When I wake up I can get inspired by lovely shades of green, white and grey. Theme in my kitchen has been green for about an year but now I updated it a bit and took away black cabinet and red textiles. To avoid too green overloaded look I chose light grey fabric with green hues and grey paint for the table. One chair got white paint and the other one green (quite similar green that the whole table and chair group was before). I was surprised how nice and new white looked after having a pause for some years (I have had all white country style some years ago :). Cabinet has been in my living room but I moved it to the kitchen and there it looks even better. Lamp is old and misses a glass bell that got broken some years ago but it does not matter.

Painting and colors are a good way to begin a creative process. At least it works for me and now I have gotten more ideas what to make and try this season. I have also got some notes that I made before and during the holidays. I wanted to keep a project free Christmas and just relax to get all the energy for spring plans. At the moment kitchen is not the only space going through spring updates. I have tried to put away some stuff to get more space for new projects. I am dreaming of a little velvet sofa that I hope to find from a thrift shop some day. I have also got space to make wall art when inspiration boost comes. 

Happy New Year 2017 with lots of inspiration, creativity and adventures!


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