Friday, 7 April 2017

Easter DIY Week Part 3: Decorative Bird Nest

Can you believe that it is already Friday? Where has this fun and inspiring week gone? I have to say that I really enjoyed making this 3 part Easter DIY series. It was nice to plan the ideas, style and take photos. I had problems waiting for the Easter DIY days, as I wanted to show you my projects right away! Making a small series gave me needed routine and schedule with planning, making, writing and editing, something I have been trying to find since I started blogging. Maybe I will do something like this in the future with different theme.

This week included also time for reflective work as I went through my DIY and furniture makeover archives. I truly recommend for you to do the same thing because you might find out how much work and projects you have done. It is good to sometimes start from an empty desk: look back to thighs you have finished, be proud and then begin to plan new projects. In a constant producing mood it is difficult to understand the whole picture of your work and to where you are aiming at.

Now to the last part of this Easter DIY series. Because last year I decorated so many beautiful eggs I decided that this year I won´t make any new ones. Instead I thought it might be fun to make a decorative, go with the style, bowl for the eggs. I have seen many beautiful egg decorating ideas on blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter so I know there are plenty of excellent projects to try! It seems that decorating eggs is a key part of Easter decor in all over the world. Not to forget the chocolate eggs :P In the Christian tradition eggs symbolize the resurrection. Here in Finland eggs and dishes with eggs play one of the main parts on Easter table. Even though you would not fast before Easter (leaving meat, eggs and dairy) it has become a tradition to include eggs to the Easter menu as a mark for the end of the fast. 

To celebrate the beautifully decorated eggs I made these rustic paper mache bowls with golden inside. The bowls look like bird nests when you put in some paper confetti made of old book pages and a few eggs or other Easter decorations like birds or bunnies. Because it is Easter and everything is a bit upside down it is only natural to put bunny or even a rooster next to the eggs. It is quite common to hear that Easter bunny shares the eggs but have you heard about Easter rooster that lays the eggs? Decorative bird nests would look beautiful as a headpiece on a table setting with lots of eggs and flowers. One idea would be to make smaller bowls and place one on every eater´s plate with a wrapped chocolate egg in it. I styled the bowls and eggs to a cabinet with old books and bunnies to make a romantic arrangement. Now I will show you the basic technique, which is super easy, so you can make these bowls on any size you need!


You will need
-White paper mache (sold in bigger stores and craft shops)
-Plastic knife
-Cling film
-A pot or bowl that is the size you want the paper mache bowl to become
-Golden acrylic paint
-A brush
-Old book pages or decorative tissue paper

Step 1. Put the bowl upside down and wrap in the cling film.

Step 2. Start taking lumps of paper mache and covering the bowl. If the paper mache is a bit dry wet your hands. It is also easier to mold the paper mache with wet hands. Start using the knife to spread the paper mache evenly to the bowl surface.

Step 3. Decorate the paper mache bowl by making patterns with the knife. Let the work dry properly.

Step 4. Remove gently the bowl from the bowl that worked as a mold. Don´t be afraid of little cracks, you can mend them!

 Step 5. Mend the little cracks with paper mache. This one has been mended and after it has dried it has no marks of mending.

 Step 6. When the bowls have completely dried paint the inside with golden acrylic paint. Use two layers if needed.

Step 7. Fill with paper confetti and decorative eggs.


I really love the organic shape of the bowls. You could style these extra modern or romantic as the style goes for both. These are quick and easy to make in any size. Making process is quick and it takes about 24h the bowls to dry so this is a perfect project to do at Easter week some days before the celebration.

This style is perfect for a book worm like me. I think books are always a good choice to decorate and create a cozy atmosphere for home. If you wonder how the eggs have been decorated check my 10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs and learn more.

Hope you have fun time crafting Easter decorations or what ever projects you are up to this weekend! If you liked my Easter DIY projects please share on social media <3

Happy Friday Everyone!


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