Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ikat Inspired Lamp Makeover with Paint

Table lamps are a big trend again. I have seen many different lampshades and lamps in stylish modern interiors when surfing in the internet home decor pages and browsing latest magazines. I love the multiple range of color, pattern, size and form. There is no single shape but many ways to take part to this trend. One can also collect many different lams to one space, no need to have pairs if it is not you. I remember small cozy lamps from my childhood that spread warm light to the home. Now table lamps have been on the background for at least 15 years. Thrift shops used to sell these very cheap as just a few wanted to have a small and kitschy lamp to their home.  Now the hunt has begun for these little home decor pieces and prices have risen at least in this part of the world. One reason might be that quite few home decor shops or stores have a large collection of table lamps. Industrial and ultra modern functional trends made these kind of items vanish. To get in to the trend as soon as possible one can try global shops that sell online or go though ones one storage/ local thrift shop and give a small makeover that updates 80s - 90s style to 2017. Lamp that I am using is a thrift store find. The white color makes it work well with my other table lamp that is the same color. I also used paint colors that I already have in my home decor.

Here you can see the before after. I just painted the old and a bit worn out lampshade which made the whole look different. Best thing is that one can choose the colors that match best to ones personal style so there is no need to compromise. I used plain acrylic lacquer paint that is sold in craft stores. It attaches to the fabric well and there is no need to heat it like fabric colors. If you would use a fabric color you should first paint the fabric, iron it and then cover the shade with the fabric.  Now I got to paint directly to the shade. This way the shade is not water resistant but how often do you wash a lampshade? I use always light bulbs that don´t heat so there is no need to think about how the paint reacts with heat.


Ikat Inspired Lamp Makeover with Paint

You will need

-A lamp with a light colored lampshade
-Ruler and angle ruler
-Small brush
-Old ad paper or other left over piece of paper
-Strong white paper
-Acrylic lacquer paint in three colors

Step 1. Cover the lampshade with scrap paper.

Step 2. Cut of the extras so that the scrap paper models the lampshade. Remove the scrap paper model from the lampshade.

Step 3. Use the model to draw the lampshade to the white paper.

Step 4. Measure from the lampshade how you want to start the pattern (angle). Use seam on the lampshade as a starting point so it is easy to design the pattern in a wanted way.

Step 5. When you have the first line you can draw the other lines that go to the same direction by taking 2-3 measurements from the line horizontally and using these marks as guides to draw the next line (in my lampshade I made lines every 4 cm). Make lines until you have covered the whole lampshade. Then make the lines to other direction by taking the angle from the end of the paper and then taking the same angle to the other direction (in my work the angle was 60 degrees). This is how you get the first line to other direction. Then make the lines taking measurements horizontally and drawing the lines using measurements as a guideline.

Step 6. Make lines stronger with black marker. Cut out the model.

Step 7. Tape the model under the lampshade and light the lamp. Now you can see the guidelines through the fabric. Draw the lines to the fabric.

Step 8. Lines on the fabric.

Step 9. Time to paint the pattern. Go trough the lines with paint and make Ikat pattern with a brush move from line to center. 

Step 10. Almost all patterns done with the first paint.

Step 11. Time to use second paint and make the middle pattern. See how I first sketched with paint before painting the whole pattern.

Step 12. The golden finish. Follow the pen lines that can be seen through the lighter paint layers and make the grid visible with golden paint. 


Yesterday I began to use BuJo. After some weeks of studying the technique I finally had the courage to try it myself. It is a wonderful way to manage creative work and evaluate how you want to spend your free time. I have got goals to read more, eat healthy, do sports and be more active with my blog. Yesterday I spent easily hours drawing my bujo and organizing my activities for following weeks. I already feel more organized and motivated to achieve my personal goals.  As I was super enthusiastic about this I shared some pictures from my first bujo pages on instagram and twitter, go and look if you are interested, links on side banner!

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Happy Thursday to you all!


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