Monday, 22 May 2017

Quilting Project News and Tips

Those who have followed me on Instagram and Twitter might have seen pictures of my latest quilting project. Today I thought I would like to share pictures and inspiration here on my blog. You know how I love bright colors and this year´s quilting project is no exception. In this project colors are a bit lighter which has to do with spring and need of green summery hues. Pattern is traditional quilting pattern and makes very different design depending on how big squares you use as a starting point. With bigger squares it makes a star and with smaller squares ikat style pattern. I used quite small squares 15 cm * 15 cm. As the seams are 0,75 cm which is the normal seam allowance, 15 cm was the minimum (for me) with so many seams. I will show the basic technique how to make this block plus two ways to make it easier to quilt blocks.

In this project I am making 54 blocks and quilting project tracker is a good way to follow the progress and manage the project. I don´t have a special room where I can spread the blocks and leave there so that I am storing my blocks in a pile and it is easy to lose count on which ones have already been made. In this tracker every tile means one block. When the block has been made I use the background color to mark the block done. I am also planning to sew braids to frame the blocks. Now I am in the halfway making the blocks.

Here you can see some of the 15 cm*15 cm squares that are the starting point for the blocks.

Matching the right colors together so that the pattern will work best. Orange and lots of green is the basis of this quilt. Pink and raspberry red make the other colors sweeter. Light blue freshens the look. 

Blocks in different phases. Magazines are great for organizing the pieces so that it is possible to cut more blocks at one time. 

Beautiful buttons I found from a thrift shop. The moment I saw these I thought maybe I could use these to decorate my quilt.


How to make this block:
1. You will need four 15 cm * 15 cm squares in two colors (2+2).
2. Take one square in color a and one in color b, put the right sides together and draw a line from corner to corner (see picture). Sew from both sides with 0,75 cm seam allowance. Cut the pieces apart and open the two colored square. Iron the seam well.

3. Now you got 4 two colored squares. Point is that these squares are the four sectors that make the star. You cut the square in four stripes and reorganize the stripes to get zig zag shape. It is a good idea to draw a quilt block board like mine so that it is easier to cut the stripes right.  You will have to choose which color makes the star and which one is the background. Then place the square to the corner of the sector you are making to get the direction right.

4. Measure the square and divide it to four equal stripes. I had about 3,3-3,5 stripes.  Then reorganize the stripes to the block board and sew long sides together first the 8 on the one side and then the 8 on the other side. Iron the seams well and sew the two pieces together. Iron well.

Here you are able to see the the different phases. You can use these blocks in blankets, decorative pillows or for example in a summer bag.


I have still got lots to do but when quilting it is about the journey not the finish line. It is nice to make a few blocks every now and then. I take the time to make as neat as possible. Sometimes I listen to audio books or radio at the same time. After getting block done it is relaxing to color a tile from the tracker. Real feel good craft project. Last year I made two blankets because I love having a quilting project to work with. It grows patience to make something that is not ready in few hours or days. Every new project has been more challenging than the one before. Internet and books are full of traditional patterns everyone can learn and use in their projects. Study first how the block is done and then just experiment. Even though the same patterns have been used for centuries quilts are modern looking when you choose the colors you prefer, make the design in different size and place the blocks in a different way. 

Inspiring Week and Spring Sunshine where ever you are reading this!


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