Friday, 30 June 2017

Eclectic Style Headboard Makeover

Happy Friday Friends! This week I have been doing a makeover project that I have had on my to do list for a while. You know I tend to collect stuff to my makeover and material pile when ever I find something that interests me and is relatively cheap or even free. Just this week I found from the garbage three new projects that are now waiting in my storage (I will write about those sometime soon). I have had a self made rule that when new comes in it is the time to get older projects finished. I don´t want to end up to the Hoarders. Instead I prefer my projects organized to keep creative juices flowing. The reason why today's headboard makeover has taken so much time to complete is simple, the long winter! I had an idea to use old grey branches to decorate the headboard but we had the snow on the ground still on May and then it took time for the ground to dry. It was just few weeks ago when I got to the forest to pick branches from the ground. Well, better later than never! Here is how I did this headboard makeover.

All I needed for this project was:
-a headboard
-pile of branches
-grey chalk paint
-transparent wax
-garden twine
-barbecue sticks
-paint brush
-Japanese saw
-drilling machine & 3 mm drill

This worn out headboard didn´t cost much, just 5 € at the local thrift shop. First thing was to paint the yellowish rattan headboard grey. I washed all dirt off carefully and then painted with grey chalk paint.

It took 2-3 layers to get even color. After the paint I used transparent wax that makes the surface to resist small amounts of water. 

Paint already makes the headboard look very different. But I didn´t stop here as I wanted to have real makeover that would change the overall style of the headboard.

I took a pile of branches and sawed off the ends to make a more finished look. I have to say Japanese saw has been one of my favorite tools since I bought it. It is so handy in small projects like this.

Then the most challenging part, how to attach the branches to the headboard. I had a vision but it took an hour or two to decide how to make that vision in to reality. I had planned to use mortise-and-tenon joint as it does not leave marks to the wood like screws for example. To get small tenons I used barbecue sticks that fit into 3mm holes I drilled to the branches and headboard.

Decide where you want to put a branch. Then just drill through the branch to the headboard and then stake with a barbecue stick that has a bit of glue in it. Then let the glue dry and cut of the extras. Sand if needed.

All branches are attached. It was time for the finishing touch, garden twine. I winded garden twine over the rattan knots. And glued a bit thicker garden twine to circle the center piece.

Branches and natural looking wood in general are a big hit right now.  I have seen wooden elements mixed with many different styles from boho to contemporary and ultra modern. I styled this headboard to fit eclectic / bohemian style. With plant nook and cozy bed linen the look is airy, light and natural. This was also an interesting project to make as it included lots of different phases instead of just sanding and painting. In case you want to start with something smaller but want to craft with trendy branches try this Wind chime or Boho Dreamcatcher.  Those and many more DIY projects and ideas you can find from my DIY page! 

I would like to hear about You and connect on social media too! Are you a new reader or have you followed me for a longer time? What kind of blog posts you would like to read the most: DIY, recipes, lifestyle, home decor or something else? Are You writing a blog, that I could visit?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Prepare a Finnish Style Breakfast

Hope you are enjoying the best Midsummer weekend! I tend to spend holiday weekends at home: I keep no shopping days, do crafts that need more concentrating and relaxed mind, read, watch DVDs and prepare good food. Yesterday I sew all day listening to top 100 Finnish favorites from the radio. These kind of slow floating days are perfect for mind. After a day or two practicing silent no fuss life I feel I have gathered so much energy and inspiration. Sometimes there can be too many activities and ideas. Slow days that give space for thoughts are essential for creativity and development of ideas. 

To celebrate long weekends and slow, yet creative, lifestyle I have gathered a luxurious breakfast table with the most simple ingredients and easy recipes. My inspiration comes from everyday Finnish breakfast but instead of just grabbing the most important meal of the day straight from the fridge I have put effort on display and preparing the dishes with care. There is a difference between microwaved and long cooked kettle porridge, you see. Tasty Finnish berries in a soup, oatmeal porridge and rye bread are classics. And as every luxurious breakfast this one too ends up with strong black coffee and sweet rhubarb pie. What a better way to start a good day!

Oatmeal porridge with Berry Soup

For the porridge

2 dl Oatmeal
2 tbsp Wheat bran
1/2 L Water
Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower..)

Put together oatmeal, whet bran, water and pressed seeds to a kettle. Cook until it starts to boil, stir properly. When boiling turn to milder temperature and let cook properly. The longer you cook on mild temperature the better the result. 

For the Berry Soup

1 L Water
400 g Berries (I used raspberry, strawberry, 
blackcurrant and redcurrant mix plus one rhubarb)
3 tbsp Potato flour
Vanilla sugar 

Put water and berries to a kettle and cook. Mix together cold water and potato flour. When berries and water are boiling take the kettle off and pour in the potato flour mix and stir properly. You don´t have to use all potato flour in case the soup begins to look thick with less. You can also add more potato flour if needed. Be sure to mix in the flour when the soup is still hot. Mix in sugar and vanilla sugar according to taste.

Bread selection

Rye bread is very Finnish and one of the things most Finns miss when they are abroad. I also put crisp rye bread to the table as I love it and I always have it in my kitchen cabinets. For the white bread I chose oat bread rolls.

Because I don´t eat meat except fish and seafood, I chose vegetarian substitute for cold cuts and sausage. Other quite typical fillings for breakfast sandwich are cheese, cucumber, paprika, tomato and butter. I also boiled eggs that can be sliced to a bread or eat separately.

For drink I have got blueberry juice that is made of Finnish blueberries. What is special about Finnish berries is that when sun shines through the midsummer nights they grow in a relatively short time gaining exceptionally good and strong taste .

Then it is time for strong black coffee and rhubarb pie. Blueberry, lingonberry, strawberry and rhubarb pies are traditional in Finland. What is best is that they are super easy to make and you can vary the fillings according to the seasons. 

Rhubarb Pie

~5 Rhubarbs
150 g Butter
1 1/2 dl Sugar
3 1/2 dl Wheat flour
1 tsp Vanilla sugar
1 tsp Baking powder
1/2 dl Milk (you can use oatmilk)
1 Egg

Peel and chop the rhubarbs. Put rhubarbs and little bit of sugar to a bowl and cook in microwave oven for few minutes until the rhubarbs are a bit softer. Melt the butter.  Mix together sugar, flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Pour in the melted butter and mix properly. Separate about 1 1/2 dl of the pastry. To the rest of the pastry add milk and egg. Mix properly. Butter a pie mold and press the pastry to the bottom. Then spread the rhubarbs evenly on the top of the pastry. Sprinkle the separated pastry on top (makes nice crispy texture). Bake in preheated oven 180 Celsius degrees until the pie has gotten a bit of a golden brown color. Serve with cream, ice cream or vanilla sauce. 

Happy Saturday and Midsummer everyone! There is a little bit sunshine outdoors so I am heading for a walk :)


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Midsummer DIY: Boho Dreamcatcher

Happy summer solstice! Midsummer is here and it is the best time to pick flowers and wander in the fresh green nature. Midsummer is one of the biggest annual festivals in Finland and quite many people prepare festive food from seasons ingredients, spend time as near the nature as possible and just relax.  In my childhood Midsummer was also time to make midsummer magic. One traditional magic is to pick 7 flowers from different species and put them under a pillow at Midsummer night. That way you can see your future fiancĂ© in your dream.  Believe if you like :D In my mind Midsummer's theme color is white paired with green. This is why I want to share this delicate bohemian style dreamcatcher DIY with you. Make one for gift or decorate your garden with a few dreamcatchers hanging from the trees. Perfect project to make on a rainy day when you are wearing woolen socks and listening to radio. 


Boho Dreamcatcher

Metal ring
Lace cloth
Garden twine
Small branches

Japanese saw
Drilling machine
Drill 3mm

Note: Lace cloth and metal ring should be about same size so that it is easy to attach to the ring.

Here I have got material for two dreamcatchers, small and medium.

Step 1. Take 5 small branches. Saw off the uneven end from one side of the branch. Drill 3mm hole to the same end near the cut (see picture).

 These branches are ready to use in the project.

Step 2. Usually it is easy to see the corners of the lace cloth and attach the cloth from every corner to the ring. If your cloth is perfect round attach evenly the cloth for example from every 3rd loop. Take a piece of garden twine and using needle thread the twine from the loop.

Make a knot around the ring. Do other corners / loops similarly.

Step 3. All corners done. Cut off the extra long twines to have nice even tassels.

Step 4. Attach the branches to the one side of the ring so that they hang beautifully under the ring.

Step 5. Then it is time to finish the dream catcher with ribbon leftovers. Tie the ribbons near the branches.


It was so relaxing to make these catchers. I think these are beautiful bohemian style decorations for Midsummer garden party. Add some nature flowers and the look is complete. These are also pretty indoor for example in bedroom ceiling or windows.  This is a fun way to use old lace cloths that are easy to find from thrift shops. Some decades ago crocheting lace was very popular. Quite often I see skilled lace cloths that must have taken hours to make. There is a limit how many cloths I need to use on table so making dreamcathers everyone can admire is a honorable way to use these skilled crafts.

Wishing The best Midsummer Weekend to You All!


Friday, 9 June 2017

Finnish Cuisine: Herring fillets with new potatoes

To celebrate the weekend and that I finally got my recipe page organized I share this simple and tasty summer dish. On my updated recipe page I have divided the recipes in two categories: Finnish cuisine and Global cuisine. In global cuisine I have listed all recipes from tortilla to barlotto and amaranth chickpea patties. Under the Finnish cuisine I have recipes that are traditional Finnish recipes or use ingredients that are typically Finnish. I have long wanted to extend the list of Finnish cuisine recipes on my blog and what could be better time to start this project than summer when the best veggies and berries are available. Finnish recipes are usually relatively simple, use just few ingredients per dish and follow the seasons to achieve the best quality.  Recipe that I am sharing today is real fast food! Beautiful herring fillets are prepared in few minutes and new potatoes need just a little bit of butter and spring onion to make a luxurious side dish.  

Herring Fillets

Herring fillets
Vegetarian oil
Lemon juice

Break the egg in to a bowl and whisk. Put breadcrumbs in to the second bowl. Dip a fillet to the egg bowl so that it is covered properly. Then roll the fillet in the breadcrumbs. Prepare the rest of the fillets similarly. 

Fry the fillets on a hot pan with vegetarian oil from both sides until golden brown. Sprinkle a little bit of salt on top. Serve with fresh lemon and dill.

New Potatoes in Butter

Spring onion

Wash potatoes thoroughly and cook. Pour off the water. Add butter and chopped spring onion when potatoes are still warm. Serve when butter has melted.


Friday luxury at it's best. Pure, tasty food from season's ingredients. It was wonderful to carry the plates to the balcony and enjoy good food on a sunny summer day. And you know, the leftover fillets are excellent on rye bread with a bit of butter on it.

Happy Weekend to you all!