Monday, 21 August 2017

How to: Contemporary Mirror Wall

Getting a new week started! This morning I felt like Phil in the movie Groundhog Day (1993). You know how he wakes up and it is always the same Groundhog day, same people come across, same activities. It was just yesterday when I woke up and it was Monday and now again. Some people love routine and predictable days with repeating schedules. I have to admit that I am not one of those people who love the so called everyday life. I do like to do plans but I just prefer that I have different plans for different days. I don´t mean by this that I would want life to be constant party and celebrations. More that I could work with variable tasks, take a walk to different direction than yesterday, hobbies that offer new challenges etc. Sure this is something that I can effect myself 99%. Still some days are Groundhog Days because you have to get up every morning, brush your teeth, eat your porridge and drink a cup of coffee not to mention other possible morning, midday, afternoon, evening tasks that keep you alive. Maybe I should buy a toothbrush for every day in different color and use Wednesday brush on Sunday. Excitement!

When I was still studying I worked in a same place for three summers. It was great place to work, work colleagues were fair and practice was clear. Absolutely nothing to complain. What I felt challenging were the routines. Days were quite alike because work included repeating tasks. On third summer I could not tell which summer some things had happened and I sort of lost years in my counting when I tried to remember. If I think my high school years (I might be getting old because I start recalling past things :) I come up with an image of early morning in a bus reading my homework. All three years were the same early mornings in a bus. Going to University was my thing, no routine, no repeating schedule, new ideas every day. Now I am having these Autumn thoughts two years after the graduation. Maybe it is because of the beginning of a new school year for some that makes me think about these. Last week I got it settled that I will go to some lectures and I am super enthusiastic about that. I have big hopes for this new season. I made a plan for this week to be more productive and organized (hope it shows on my blog). Weekly plans and writing BuJo makes it easier to do things consciously and remember what you have been up to some weeks, months and years ago. It also breaks the path of repetition as seeing the past helps to make plans for the future.

Last week I got a three part blog post series done and I hope this week will be equally as inspired and active. I have got ideas listed for the week's posts. New season shows in my home decor as I have wanted some change to mark the Autumn started. Some weeks ago I went and painted the big wall of my apartment. I have had the same wallpaper for almost two years and I was not 100% happy with it. After painting the opposite wall dark grey the white flower wallpaper started looking old. I had planned to put my 2017 quilt on the wallpaper wall but it did not fit, so I painted the wall so it would match better. The new light grey paint was so beautiful that I did not want to cover it with the large bright quilt. Finally the quilt found it's place on the other wall and the newly painted wall was left empty. I remembered a pile of old eighties mirrors in my storage. Mirrors could be a luxurious and light wall element for a small apartment as mine is. Going all eighties and putting the mirrors to a grid was not my thing. I wanted the mirror wall look more like wall art and contemporary. I made some drawings and thought that harlequin pattern made with mirrors and empty gaps might be simple yet stylish solution.

For this project you will need:

A wall
9 Square shaped mirrors
Strong tape that is made for attaching mirrors
Strong cotton yarn
Masking tape
Small weight (like scissors or stone..)
Tape measure

Step 1. Measure the mirrors you are using so that you know how big space you need to arrange on your wall.  Clean the wall and the mirrors. Take a piece of yarn that is well over the height of the three mirrors going on row. Attach the weight to the end of the yarn and use masking tape to hang the yarn to the wall as seen in the picture. This yarn will show you the middle row of mirrors and you have to attach the mirrors so that the two corners go to the line (=you get the mirrors straight).

Step 2. Take the first mirror and put strong tape to four sides like in the picture. Attach the mirror according to the yarn line seeing that the two corners go to the line. Also remember to consider the height so that there is space from the ceiling plus other two mirrors have space under the first one.

Step 3. Attach the rest of the mirrors of the row. Pull off the yarn from under the mirrors.

Step 4. Use one mirror as a measure to get the place for the next row. Put it to the space that is going to be a gap and make a mark to the outer corner. Do the same to other gap. Now you have two marks and you use these marks to set the line with the yarn. Hang it again so that it goes through the marks.

Step 5. Attach the first mirror of the second row so that two of the corners go to the yarn line and third one to the corner of the middle row's first mirror. Attach the rest of the mirrors similar way.

Step 6. Now it is time to go to the other side of the middle row and repeat steps 4. and 5. Polish the mirrors.

Now you have harlequin inspired pattern made with 9 mirrors. In case you have bigger wall you could use more mirrors. It is easy to attach the mirrors with the help of the yarn line. 

Hope this tutorial was helpful. This is one example how different old things can look when you decide to arrange them differently instead of the ordinary way. It feels like the mirror wall has doubled the space and the Egypt posters I have on the opposite wall reflect to the mirrors. It is like Narnia when you look your home through the mirrors not to mention the dancing hall effect when it is evening and no one is looking ;D

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Have a great start for the week!


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