Friday, 15 September 2017

Friyay! DIY Day: Punk Inspired

Happy Friday Everyone! What a wonderful thing that weekend is waiting for us. Two long days for relaxing and making DIY projects. Part of Friyay! fun is to gather inspiration from blogs and SoMe. Then do last minute shopping and get back home to craft and cook. 

Today's project has got it's inspiration from punk.  Vibrant colors combined to shiny golden surface makes an interesting contrast. Splattered colors declare free style attitude towards formal pattern. Still when combined to plain colors and humble green plants these pots give nice design edge to home decor. Materials are simple so is the technique, lets get making!

You will need:

-Flowerpot that has clean lines
-Golden spray paint
-Acrylic lacquer in 3-4 colors
-Toothbrush and knife

I had these old worn out flowerpots that needed some new color. I had planned to paint abstract pattern but then came to other thoughts.

Step 1. Cover the surfaces. Clean the pot. Spray paint the pot with golden spray paint. Do two layers of paint if needed. Let dry properly.

Step 2. Test the technique and colors you want to use. I had three different greens and pink. Using knife spread a bit of color to the toothbrush. Then splatter the paint from the brush using the same knife. 

Step 3. Pots ready to be painted. Quickest way is to paint two sides at a time. First one side and then turn the other side (because the paint is wet you can't paint all four sides at a time!).

Step 4. Always remember to use clean tools when starting with new color. I began the painting process with pink, did two sides, washed the tools and then took next color. After all four colors I let the pots dry properly. Then I did the same for the other two sides.

When pots were dry I got to move plants in. I had monstera and lucky bamboo waiting for proper home.

With colorful splatters these golden pots are not too shiny. Good looking pots lift up the basic green plants. These pots would also be stunning in all white home decor adding artsy atmosphere. Clean lined cube shape controls the otherwise psychedelic feeling these pots create.

My weekend continues with a walk to the hardware stores. I have plans to buy wooden plank for a small table project. I have already spray painted the legs that are a garbage find. I have also made some sewing plans but I have run out of pink cotton fabric. How does it happen that pink always seems to vanish from my cabinets? Happens to pencils, paints and other pink materials. Do you have a color that you use a lot? Pink is, in my opinion, great accent color and easy way to modernize a furniture or quilting pattern.

What are your plans for the weekend's DIY? Are you going to make smaller projects or start something bigger?

Have a Creative Weekend!


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