Friday, 6 October 2017

DIY Modern Quilted Pillow

Happy Weekend! Here is the second part for my quilting tutorial I wrote a week ago. Last time I showed how to quilt this simple and bright colored quilt block I named Brisk Winds, Warm Stoves, click here to learn more! Now that we have the quilted pieces we can do the batting and stitching and sew these to modern pillows. I stitched these traditional way by hand as it makes pretty finish. You could also do this part by machine if you like. With beautiful embroidery yarns this part is a pleasure to do by hand and see how the patterns form to the fabric and complete the quilting work. I will also show an easy way to sew a pillowcase that needs no zipper! Lets get making!

For one pillow you will need:

Quilted square 57*57 cm.
Batting (I used thinnest on store)
Cotton fabric
Sewing yarn
Embroidery yarn (seven colors that match to the fabric colors)
Embroidery hoop

Cotton fabric for sewing the back piece ( I used green)
Sewing yarn
Sewing machine

Step 1. Cut from fabric and batting pieces that go over the quilted piece. Put layers as you can see from the picture, fabric first then batting and quilted piece.

Step 2. Pin the layers together.

Step 3. Take sewing yarn and needle and sew layers together to keep all together when doing the final stitching with embroidery yarn. Remove pins.

Step 4. Choose embroidery yarns to mach the one colored triangles.

Step 5. Attach the embroidery hoop to one triangle and start stitching simple front stitches. I divided the triangle to four sectors with stitches. To get straight lines use pins.

Stitch all one colored triangles (leave out striped triangles).

Step 6. After you have stitched all triangles cut off the extra back fabric and batting.

Step 7. Then lets make the back piece. Cut a 77*57 cm piece from the fabric.

Step 8. Fold twice the short ends with iron and pins. Sew the folds.

Step 9. Cut the piece to two parts so that you measure 28,5 cm from one side. Now you should have one 28,5*57 cm piece and one 43,5* 57 cm.

Step 10. Put the finished ends together as shown in the picture so that the smaller piece is on the top of the bigger piece for 15 cm. Sew pieces together with 7 cm as shown on the picture. This way you get a handy pocket behind the finished pillow where you can put the pillow in.

Step 11. Put right sides together and pin. Be sure the pocket comes to right direction according to what you keep as the right way to keep the quilted pattern. Sew pieces together and finish the edges with zig zag. 

Step 12. Before you cut off the extras check on the right side that all is OK.  

Your pillowcase is ready! Now you can turn the right side out and put in a pillow!

I really enjoyed making these pillows. This was not too huge project and allowed me to pay attention to details like stitching. It would be possible to make these in two or three weekends. I am now planning to make more quilting projects like these. Pillows are always needed, laugh, and this would also make a stylish gift for a person who appreciates the craft. Currently strong and honest colors are trendy and these will fit to many kinds of interiors from ultra modern to bohemian. In modern decor these would be like abstract paintings. 

Are you interested in quilting and sewing projects? Do you agree that quilts can be a stylish elements in modern home decor?

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! If you found this tutorial helpful and/or inspiring please share on social media :)


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