Sunday, 10 December 2017

10.12. Folded Wallpaper Baubles

Happy Second Advent Sunday my friends! Folded baubles are a fine decoration for living room sofa table with led lights. When you make a collection of bigger and smaller ornaments they will look amazing in a window. Wallpaper or other strong yet flexible paper is excellent for this project. Wallpaper is durable and keeps it's shape well in bigger paper crafts. In this traditional decoration you could use wallpaper leftovers and mix patterns if you like.

You will need:

Wallpaper leftovers
(yarn and a needle)

How to:

Step 1. Draw 20 circles that have a  4,4 cm (2,5 cm to make a small bauble) radius. Draw a triangle in to the circle: draw a radius and then two more with a 120 degree angle between. Connect the outer points. (see picture)

Step 2. Cut out the circles. Fold the circles following the triangle lines. 

Step 3. Glue circles together from the folded parts. Put a hoop from cotton yarn if you want to hang the ornaments.

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