Saturday, 16 December 2017

16.12. Felt Star Mug Coasters

If you are familiar with the Creative Night Shift philosophy you might know that when ever it is possible I try to use recycled materials. For me it is impossible to put away beautiful material, even though I wouldn't be sure how I am going to use it. Today's DIY Felt Star Mug Coaster are made of a woolen pullover that was ruined in wash. Over a year ago I made these quilted sitting pads using ruined pullovers. I still had that material left so I came up with this idea to make mug coasters.

You will need:

Woolen pullover that has felted
Sewing yarn
Sewing machine
Cardboard paper

How to:

Step 1. Draw the star model to a cardboard paper. Draw two circles with compass smaller inside the bigger. Bigger one's radius 7,5 cm, smaller one's 3,5 cm. Divide the circle to  12 sectors with a 30 degree angle. Now draw the star connecting points from every inner circle point to outer circle and back to inner circle. Cut out the model.

Step 2. Cut two stars from felt using the model. Sew stars together.

Step 3. Decorate the star with beads. Make more coasters with the same method.

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