Monday, 4 December 2017

4.12. BuJo Ideas for December

Today I share ideas to December's BuJo. Christmas themes are all around on these colorful pages. You can play with watercolors, markers and stickers when  planning this fun month. 

On my monthly spread I used watercolors first time in my BuJo history. First I draw the Christmas baubles, calendar and words from my favorite Christmas song. Then I colored the page with watercolors.

Christmassy activity tracker. Because it is December you can come up with a bit different activity goals than you would normally have. Chocolate eating goals anyone? 

To get all fun Christmas activities done you could also draw 24 baubles and one activity for each day. I like to book simple activities like listen to Christmas carols, long walk and gift wrapping because those are the actual things that make the Christmas feeling. 24 days before Christmas goes quickly with small treats everyday. There is no need to over achieve these tasks. If I don't have time to watch Christmas movies I can skip it. These are not work tasks but relaxing moments sprinkled to  everyday-life.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the chocolate today! I like this idea very much - the plan for simple treats - not just the chocolate!

  2. Thank you! Christmas is in small details and it is sometimes challenging to notice these little things that bring happiness :)


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