Saturday, 9 December 2017

9.12. Marble Ornaments

Happy Saturday and December 9th! It begins to be time to think this year's Christmas tree decorations. What old favorites make it to the tree once again and what new additions could be made. In this Advent Calendar I will show some nature inspired ornament ideas and marble ornament gets to be the first. I got the idea to this stylish Christmas ornament when I wondered what to make with self adhesive marble and wood plastic left overs. Soft color tones work wonderfully with green Christmas tree and modern look is completed.

You will need:

Strong cardboard paper
Self adhesive plastic: marble and wood
Cotton yarn

How to:

Step 1. Make the first argyle to cardboard paper by drawing a cross where 9 cm and 20 cm lines meet at the middle. Draw lines between the outer points and you have an argyle. Cut out the argyle and use it to draw other argyles (in case you want to make more than just one ornament). 

Step 2. Using the argyle as a template draw triangles to the plastic. Cut the triangles and attach one marble and one wood triangle to cover the argyle. Cover both sides.

Step 3. Using a needle put a hoop from cotton yarn.

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