Friday, 27 April 2018

New Quilt: Morning Puzzle

Hello! Happy Friyay my friend! April begins to be wrapped up and ready to be send to the next year. I feel time has been going on an enormous pace. Many wonderful projects going on at the same time guarantees that there has not been lack of activity. Quilt projects always take quite a lot of time and processing. It can't be fully scheduled that a quilt will be ready lets say in two weeks because there might occur something that needs more time like testing the technique or stitching pattern. This time the work was relatively straight forward. What took most of the time was sewing blocks that I did mainly by hand (I will show detail pictures so you can try the technique) and stitching. I haven't been doing appliqué for while but it went fine and I got an urge to work with round shapes and hand sewing more in the future.

Even though days are longer and there is more light I have felt that there is not enough time for all the things I would like to be doing. When I look back these two months I see too much rush. I have been productive and I have already planned new projects to start soon. What doesn't satisfy me is that I have had a lack of concentration in a way. When for example sewing I have been thinking five other things to do. So even though I have booked time for activities I truly love I haven't found proper mindset to fully enjoy that time. Quilting, DIY projects, reading for the challenge and writing + taking photos takes time. Balance would be a great thing to achieve. I am ambitious person and I have many projects that I would like to give equally as much time. It leads to the state where I execute tasks in a row and go to the overdrives. I am passionate about my projects so this is not how I would like it to be. I think bullet journaling more will be the way to go again. I have to go and look my days realistically. No over bookings that take the energy from the activity at hand. One week I had made a fine plan that worked well but then I grew my appetite and tried to stuff in more leaving the plan unfollowed.

Being ambitious means I can't just leave something to be. When I have been reading and quilting I have felt bad that I haven't been making DIY projects as much as I would like to. I know quilts take their time and can't be finished in a second but I feel pressure when I don't get craft related posts during these longer projects. This is something I need to work on. I can't be making more than is possible. More relaxed attitude with blogging could do great things. Instead of I should.. I will try to use I could.. I can post about progress with  bigger craft projects, what is going on in life, thoughts and book notes. And with this method I could get more time and concentration to the creative work that is not ready yet. I am not sure if it is the fast paced social media that makes me wait miracles from myself. Even though there is a pressure to publish great content daily there are still things in the world that take their time. Making crafts and processing thoughts are two of those activities that require time.

As I told you on my last quilt post this quilt has gotten inspiration from a breakfast serving and it's pale hues. In the stitching I tried new kind of embroidery yarn that has many tones. It gives an interesting and organic looking detail to the pattern that is otherwise made with one colored simple fabrics.

Tips and project pictures

For this project I cut 5 pink, 5 violet, 4 orange and 4 beige pieces in size 16 cm * 9 cm. Then with a model I cut 5 light pink and 5 blue half moons with 6,5 cm radius plus 1 cm down to the diameter for the sewing allowance. Then also with a model I cut 4 light blue and 4 orange triangles that are 6,5 cm high and have 13 cm basis plus same kind of 1 cm sewing allowance as in the half moon. 

Here are some tips how to easily appliqué round shapes. Make some stitches around the perimeter.

Make a cardboard model that is 1 cm smaller around the perimeter. Put the model on top of the fabric and pull from the yarn. now you have the sewing allowance evenly on the backside. Iron and take of the cardboard model.

Attach the shapes to the backfabric and sew by hand.

Sewn by hand. Backside and frontside. I used so called invisible stitches. I sew the the triangles and half moons of the blocks by hand and then sew the two sides together by sewing machine.

Then it is time to sew the blocks together, iron and stitch the layers together. You can check my previous quilt tutorials from DIY page, there you can find inspiration and tips for four different kinds of quilted pillows!

I hope you have the most inspiring and relaxing weekend! Let us enjoy the spring and all the ideas new season is bringing to us!


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