Friday, 1 September 2017

Attitude Jacket for Autumn

My personal clothing style has been quite the same for ten years and I actually have one coat that I have bought ten yeas ago. I still wear that coat, it is trench with red horses on white basis. Timelessly crazy coat, could have been bought from 60s London. My clothing is matched with my home and it is easy to think that person looking like this lives in this kind of house. I love bohemian clothing and I like to collect peculiar and personal clothes. Some trend magazines give advise to buy black trousers, white shirts and plain cardigans to have a timeless basis that doesn't go out of fashion. It is said that one doesn't get bored to basic clothes. I disagree. If the cloth is boring to start with how could it turn out favorite by time? When I have been playing safe with clothes it has lead me to make packages to goodwill. Compared to that I would still wear lilac crocodile sandals I bought a decade ago if my feet hadn't gone wider. Did you know that jogging and running makes feet wider? Point is when cloth or accessorize is interesting (not meaning latest it thing) at the moment of purchase it will have charm in the future.

I make lots of DIY projects at home and I am good at sewing. It has not lead me to make clothes by myself. Making clothes is a dream but I know that I never will have enough time to learn this skill. Making a quilt blanket is very different from making a cloth that actually fits. Techniques are so different. Sometimes I see wonderful fabric and think it would make the prettiest skirt, dress or shirt. Yet I have decided to narrow my DIY interests to home decor because I already rush from technique to another and have too many projects going.

Now that I have effectively narrowed myself out from making clothes and being fashionista I present this jacket that is a thrift store find decorated with materials I bought from the same place. Makeovers are not so challenging than making a whole new cloth from fabric. Bohemian clothing is layered and colorful and allows some shabbiness. I also like that it is not so bound to certain season like you can't wear last years jacket this year because it is marked. For me it is important that clothes last time and that I have no need to buy the same thing all over again because it is old fashioned or already broken after few washes.  Usually thrift store clothes are durable because they can be sold again. This jacket fits perfectly and needed just little color and bling bling. I have seen gorgeous decorated denim jackets on Pinterest (see some examples here) and decided to make my own interpretation. This jacket combined all things I like in home decor and clothing: coziness, color, pattern, bling bling and relaxed mood. Autumn attitude I call this denim jacket as it is going to be portable home in the stormy weathers to come.

Here is some inspiration for what to use in a jacket makeover. The sleeve is from an old jacket I bought from thrift store over a year ago. I already sew my sofa pillows from that jacket but because it was quite big I have still plenty of material left. I bought the jacket (4€) solely because of the beautiful pattern, it is covered entirely with cross stitches! In a small box you can see diamonds that are from old jewelry.  Medal next to the box is from a running competition I took part some years ago. In the competition everybody got a medal even I who was the last one to finish :P Worn out belly dancing scarf has pretty decorative coins in it that were easy to take off an attach to the jacket. I did not use all the materials in this picture. This is sort of a mood board I made.

Perfectly fitting denim jacket was 3,50€ at the thrift store. The whole cost for this project was under 10€. I think it is cheap. I got to use recycled materials and as a result I have a jacket that will hold against time. Plus it is 100% my style with no compromise which is the best part in DIY. 

I liked the form of the jacket so much I used it as a starting point. Back piece got it's shape from the existing cut.

Sleeve was perfect decoration for back. I opened it, took pattern from the back and sew it with sewing machine folding in the seam allowances. To balance the jacket I also cut small stripes from the same material to decorate the front piece. Front decor I sew by hand because they were so small. I folded in the seam allowance, attached by pin needles and sew to get it to it's exact place.

I took some coins from the scarf and sew to the pocket. Coins had been crocheted to the scarf and for the back I took off the coins with the crochet and attached the crochet so the coins can move more freely.

These little diamonds are from old jewelry. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy for example old jewelry or belly dancing scarf from thrift store to get decorative materials. Small diamonds like these can be quite pricey at craft store especially if you need plenty of them.

Medal from a running competition I was last is perfect finishing touch for attitude jacket. Someone has to be the last so someone else can win right?  And if it is the journey that counts in life and happiness mine was definitely longer measured by time :D No need to rush if you get to see great views!

Have a great weekend attitude!  And September first!


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