Tuesday, 24 November 2015

My new wallpaper and finished picture wall

At last I got my walls renovated and cross-stitched pictures to an neat order. It became real frustrating to vacuum between the picture piles and living in an unfinished environment. I do love to have new ideas and decorate my home but I don´t like long gaps between before and after. Of course after the period in progress it feels extra good to look at the result that pleases the eye.

After I had painted the living room wall I went to the local hardware store and found some very good wallpaper from the sale. It cost only 1 euro per roll of about ten meters! (note: The reason for sale is that they don´t keep it in their collection anymore, before it cost 39 euros) The beautiful tulip pattern is nostalgic, romantic and modern at the same time. It fits all the styles I am combining in my home and makes the pale white wall a bit softer.

As you can see there are also other good ways to use wallpaper. I used some green wallpaper to renovate my bookshelves to fit my taste. A wallpaper makes boring 90´s bookshelves look more fun and pretty. The door knobs were wooden and I used golden spray paint to them.

This Christmas I am combining Indian style with luxurious materials, colors and bling bling to nostalgic Scandi style. I got inspired by new Maria Lång films that take place in the beautiful 1950´s and Pinterest´s bohemian decoration ideas. Also the wintry weather makes me want more warm materials and colors. Next weekend it is the first Advent and most of the people take their Christmas ornaments from the storage. Even though I have taken a bit lead, most of my decorations and plastic Christmas tree are waiting to get on their place. Can´t wait till weekend!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas inspiration and crocheting projects

So little time so many inspiring projects to make! It is so dark outside that I feel like living in a cave. Weekend went with wallpapering. Now I have new wallpapers in my kitchen and living room walls. I will post pictures when I get some good photos. Still I have some unfinished home decoration projects like hanging up all my cross stitch pictures and finding a new chest of drawers for storing all those lose things in my corridor. 

In the meanwhile waiting for brighter days I have gone to basics and crocheted some granny squares. To squares I have been using yarn that I bought from a flea market. I think that it is easier to find nice color shades from the flea market than from the new shop collections. Think about eighties and all those bold texture yarns! Of course the problem is that the yarns are a collection of this and that from different manufacturers and time eras. Making granny squares is then a good classic way to use leftovers. 

Now I have planned to make blanket of these squares. To spare some time I am crocheting first four rounds to all squares. Then I fit squares together thinking what kind of bigger patterns they form. Then when every square is on their right place I start crocheting the fifth round simultaneously combining the squares together. I make the combining between the double crochet shells. 

Granny squares are nice and easy so that you can make these while watching telly. In the picture below I am using some Christmas ornament to a mobile. Now it is the best time to find Christmas decorations from flea market and combine them to something new. How about a wreath by using Christmas ornaments and scrap yarn (look above)? 

As if I didn´t have enough projects going on I am heading to southern Finland on next weekend. In Tampere there is the biggest Handicrafts Fair in Europe! Check out more information about the event here. It is time since I have last time been in the Finnish Handicrafts fair so I am extra excited. Couple of years ago when I attended every time this event started my Christmas season. Because of this I have decided to bring up my (fake)Christmas tree when I come back home :)

Very merry inspirational week to you all