I am Sannu, the author of the Creative Night Shift -blog. I am a master of social science and self taught quilt artist with an interest to culture, creativity and literature. In this blog I share my creative work and discuss about current topics in society usually via books I have recently read. I live in Lapland, Finland.

If you have something  to ask, don´t be afraid to send me an e-mail at satumaansannu@gmail.com

Please note:

*All pictures and texts are taken/written by me. You are not allowed to use my texts, pictures or tutorials for commercial use without my permission. If you want to use my materials please ask permission, my e-mail address is satumaansannu@gmail.com.

What comes to social media and sharing you are free to share my posts by using social media buttons below the post. Also if you would like to share one or two of my pictures on social media or your own personal blog you are allowed to do so if you link to my blog post.  In any of these cases you are not allowed to modify my texts or pictures in any way.

*The intention of this blog is to offer creative inspiration. Craft and DIY tutorials, recipes or wellness articles are not to be taken as any kind of professional advice. All tutorials and recipes are written with good intentions. I want to share my own projects and with that example encourage people to make.  Remember that when you use my tutorials and recipes you do it at your own risk. The Creative Night Shift and it´s writer is not responsible for any personal damage, injuries or loss of material or equipment that may occur when following the tutorials.

*All opinions are my own. I do not get any products from companies. I do not get any economical benefits by mentioning, advertising or showing products in my texts or pictures.

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