About the Creative Night Shift Evenings and nights are the most creative time for me. All the best ideas come at night and I stay awake long designing new projects and crafting. I love the silence that allows me to concentrate and I usually catch the sunrise before going to sleep.

This blog combines some of my great passions: crafts, upcycling and bohemian home decor. I like to share my projects to show how it is possible to create home decoration elements and style by yourself.* Most (if not all) my projects are very low cost and include some upcycling as going to thrift stores is one of my interests. For the recent years using color has also been one of the main themes in my projects.

About Me. My name is Sannu Vaarala. I live in a small town that locates at the arctic circle. They say the real Santa lives in this particular town which is funny because I have always been enthusiastic about Christmas. In this part of Finland it is all about contrasts. The winters are magical with snow glittering like in a fairy tale. During the deepest winter months it is dark because sun doesn´t rise at all. On the contrary summers don´t lack sunlight and it gives a lot of energy. I enjoy this nature given rhythm which makes seasons different and interesting.

As a person I am curious and eager to find out what is happening in the world. I am determined what comes to my life goals and it is important for me to do things on my own way instead of choosing the easiest way. I value the beauty of life, equality and taking care of environment.  I am trying to keep up overall sustainable lifestyle, spend less, eat plant based and favor hobbies that are immaterial like culture and socializing. As a huge fan for list making and mind maps I tend to write down things I want to do. Great challenge is to make dreams in to reality and complete the biggest DIY project there is: life. As for other interests I like to read books, watch films and cook. I also use lots of time developing my writing skills and trying to learn the great art of taking photographs.

My home is a 38m² apartment in the fourth floor where I can see the town and hills on the horizon. During the seven years I have lived in this apartment I have become friends with most of my neighbors and I enjoy the good spirit at our apartment building. For enthusiastic DIY person it is also a great plus that there is a good common hobby room at the ground floor where you can make and paint furniture.

I have studied tourism and entrepreneurship at the university and I graduated as the master of social science fall 2015. Now I am working towards my dreams to combine the things I have studied to my passion for handicrafts and home decor in my career.

The focus in this blog is mainly in do-it-yourself projects and home decoration ideas. I have done crafts since I can remember. After all kinds of hobbies that I have tried crafts have stayed through different periods of time. Though, lots have happened since I first learned how to crochet at the age of four. Nowadays my projects have somehow become bigger and bolder. I like to go to the thrift stores where I can find furniture that needs some paint or old textiles that get a new life after sewing machine treatment.

If you have something  to ask, don´t be afraid to send me an e-mail at satumaansannu@gmail.com

*All pictures and texts are taken and written by me. You are not allowed to use my texts, pictures or tutorials for commercial use without my permission. If you want to use my materials please ask permission, my e-mail address is satumaansannu@gmail.com.

What comes to social media and sharing you are free to share my posts by using social media buttons below the post. Also if you would like to share one or two of my pictures on social media or your own personal blog you are allowed to do so if you link to my blog post.  In any of these cases you are not allowed to modify my texts or pictures in any way.

*The intention of this blog is to offer creative inspiration. Craft and DIY tutorials, recipes or wellness articles are not to be taken as any kind of professional advice. All tutorials and recipes are written with good intentions. I want to share my own projects and with that example encourage people to make.  Remember that when you use my tutorials and recipes you do it at your own risk. The Creative Night Shift and it´s writer is not responsible for any personal damage, injuries or loss of material or equipment that may occur when following the tutorials.

*All opinions are my own. I do not get any products from companies. I do not get any economical benefits by mentioning, advertising or showing products in my texts or pictures.

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