Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sleeping Spaces Vol.2: Boho DIY Ideas

Bohemian home decoration elements can be pricey if you buy them straight from a specialized boutique. This does not mean that you should forget your dreams of a well collected and stylish home. Flea markets, second hand shops, bargain stores and sometimes even garbage bins can give excellent material for a keen DIYer. Most of the pieces don´t demand a lot, just some finishing touches to turn their personality. Following ideas are low budget DIYs that I made for my sleeping corner to make it a good place to wake up to a new day and read a book before sleeping. 

1. A wooden bead curtain with color

 This wooden bead curtain was a 3€ flea market find. As it was not `good as new ´ I washed it and took the beads apart.

I painted the beads with all kinds of left over paints. The beads do not consume huge amount of paint if the paints your are using have a good pigment. 

These beads have been painted just once and the color is this intensive. After painting I put the beads together with cotton yarn.

2. Decorate a plain basket with left over yarn

This DIY is for a very economical DIYer :D  If you are one of those persons who save everything and  you got yarn left overs that do not make even the smallest of pom poms or granny squares, use them to make tiny knots to decorate a basket. I used 5€ basket that I found from a sale and colorful woolen yarn. Easy 30 min DIY!

3. Pom poms for a wall hanging

I wanted to add some more bohemian feeling for the colorful wall hanging with pom poms. I made six big pom poms using cardboard circles and smaller ones with fork. I also used felted balls. I sew pom poms to the same color order as the stripes of the wall hanging, this way it doesn´t look too messy with all the colors and decorations. You could also use buttons, beads, tassels etc. to decorate a plain wall hanging. The one I decorated was from flea market (10€). You could also use a thin colorful carpet.

Before and after

This week will be a quilting week as my bed needs a new blanket. It is not so long ago that I made a quilted blanket, but it looked so good on the old wooden bed in the living room that now I need to make an another one. As I have put the TV to rest ( I was watching too much telly and movies from DVD) I have got plenty of time at the evenings :) 

With these pink night clouds I wish you a good start for the week!


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