Friday, 30 June 2017

Eclectic Style Headboard Makeover

Happy Friday Friends! This week I have been doing a makeover project that I have had on my to do list for a while. You know I tend to collect stuff to my makeover and material pile when ever I find something that interests me and is relatively cheap or even free. Just this week I found from the garbage three new projects that are now waiting in my storage (I will write about those sometime soon). I have had a self made rule that when new comes in it is the time to get older projects finished. I don´t want to end up to the Hoarders. Instead I prefer my projects organized to keep creative juices flowing. The reason why today's headboard makeover has taken so much time to complete is simple, the long winter! I had an idea to use old grey branches to decorate the headboard but we had the snow on the ground still on May and then it took time for the ground to dry. It was just few weeks ago when I got to the forest to pick branches from the ground. Well, better later than never! Here is how I did this headboard makeover.

All I needed for this project was:
-a headboard
-pile of branches
-grey chalk paint
-transparent wax
-garden twine
-barbecue sticks
-paint brush
-Japanese saw
-drilling machine & 3 mm drill

This worn out headboard didn´t cost much, just 5 € at the local thrift shop. First thing was to paint the yellowish rattan headboard grey. I washed all dirt off carefully and then painted with grey chalk paint.

It took 2-3 layers to get even color. After the paint I used transparent wax that makes the surface to resist small amounts of water. 

Paint already makes the headboard look very different. But I didn´t stop here as I wanted to have real makeover that would change the overall style of the headboard.

I took a pile of branches and sawed off the ends to make a more finished look. I have to say Japanese saw has been one of my favorite tools since I bought it. It is so handy in small projects like this.

Then the most challenging part, how to attach the branches to the headboard. I had a vision but it took an hour or two to decide how to make that vision in to reality. I had planned to use mortise-and-tenon joint as it does not leave marks to the wood like screws for example. To get small tenons I used barbecue sticks that fit into 3mm holes I drilled to the branches and headboard.

Decide where you want to put a branch. Then just drill through the branch to the headboard and then stake with a barbecue stick that has a bit of glue in it. Then let the glue dry and cut of the extras. Sand if needed.

All branches are attached. It was time for the finishing touch, garden twine. I winded garden twine over the rattan knots. And glued a bit thicker garden twine to circle the center piece.

Branches and natural looking wood in general are a big hit right now.  I have seen wooden elements mixed with many different styles from boho to contemporary and ultra modern. I styled this headboard to fit eclectic / bohemian style. With plant nook and cozy bed linen the look is airy, light and natural. This was also an interesting project to make as it included lots of different phases instead of just sanding and painting. In case you want to start with something smaller but want to craft with trendy branches try this Wind chime or Boho Dreamcatcher.  Those and many more DIY projects and ideas you can find from my DIY page! 

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Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi sannu
    I really love your headboard. It's amazing how a simple grey paint changes every old and boring thing (i am addicted with grey...).

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Grey is one of my favorites because it is warm and soft color and it is easy to combine with different styles. This headboard was a fun project as I love to do makeovers for thriftstore finds :)


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