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Furniture Makeovers:
>Stylish DIY Updates for Living Room
>DIY Room Decor: Rough and Recycled
>Furniture Makeover Ideas for Living Room
>How to: Create a Bohemian Look for the Entrance
>One Drawer´s Tale from Garbage to Gorgeous
>Blue Orient and One Cabinet´s Tale
>Summer Colors 2016 + a DIY Chair Makeover
>Spring Season Start with a Kitchen Update
>Garden Chair Makeover with Sporty Colors + Retro Bunting
>Eclectic Style Headboard Makeover
>Garbage Treasures: Trendy Magazine Stand
>Mid-Century Modern Table DIY
>Nordic Style Bedside Shelf DIY

Home Decoration Projects:
>Bohemian Style Curtain Makeover
>Spice Wall DIY Project
>Closed System Design: Re-Design a Lamp with Existing Materials
>Midsummer DIY: Boho Dreamcather
>Sleeping Spaces Vol. 1: A Bedroom Makeover
>Sleeping Spaces Vol. 2: Boho DIY Ideas
>Ikat Inspired Lamp Makeover with Paint
>DIY Lampshade in Bloom
>DIY Project: Embroidered Lampshade
>A Wind Chime and a Bohemian Autumn Update for Kitchen
>Color for the Kitchen
>Crocheted Hangers
>Needle Felted Garland
>Flower Fairy Lights from Soap Bottles
>Decorate Rattan 1. Colorful Coasters
>Decorate Rattan 2. Party Ready Glass Cozies
>Decorate Rattan 3. Boho Flowerpot Basket
>How to: Contemporary Mirror Wall
>Modern Global: Wall Clock DIY
>Punk Inspired Painted Flowerpot
>Bohemian Style Curtain Makeover
>Timeless Lampshade with A4 Paper
>Nordic Style Plant Wall
>Decorate a Box with Upcycled Material
>Batik and Wood Ornament Tablecloth

Craft Technique Tutorials:
>Learn How to Make Free Style Mosaic out of Recycled Material
>DIY Mosaic Flower Pots
>Step By Step Guide on How To Quilt a Block
>Quilting Project News and Tips
>Colorful Chandelier (making with tins)
>Used Food Tins Transformed into Statement Home Decoration Items
>Quilt Pattern: Brisk Winds, Warm Stoves
>DIY Modern Quilted Pillow
>Quilting Tutorial: Bohemian October (pillow DIY)
>Quilt Pattern: Memory of August
>Quilt Tutorial: April Eclectic
>New Quilt: Morning Puzzle

Craft Technique Inspiration:
>Weaving Squares
>Quilting: Drawing a Patern
>Quilted Blanket + Books About Textile Work and Quilting
>Projects of the Week: Pom Pom Chandelier
>A Quilted Blanket with Bold Colors
>Quilting Project News and Tips
>Welcome to the Quilters Residence!
>Attitude Jacket for Autumn
>Framed Moments
>Wall Plate Installation
>Wooden Wall Art
>Quilt Art: Everyday We Wake Up 
>Orange Is The Rule Breaker
>Modern Quilt Art
>Abstract Quilt Art
>Winter Is in the Air

Seasonal Decorations:

Valentine's Day
>Valentine's Day Decorations
>Valentine's Day Cards

>10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs
>Fantasy Inspired Vase for Easter Twigs
>Nordic Style Easter Grass Planters
>Decorative Bird Nest
>Last Minute DIY for Easter: Eggcups
>How to Make Paper Flowers for Easter Twigs
>Early Bird Easter DIY: Decorate a Table Chandelier
>Comb Ceramic Inspired Easter Eggs
>Easter Twigs

>3 Fun Fall DIY Projects
>Weekend Beauties
>Halloween Ideas: Eat, Bake, Decorate
>A Good Day Sunday
>Wreath from Natural Materials


>Bohemian Scandi Gift Wrapping Ideas
>Vintage Christmas with 3 Simple Projects
>Christmas in All Colors
>Dr. Frankenstein´s Christmas :)
>Colorful Grunge Christmas
>Christmas is here!

The Creative Night Shift Advent Calendar 2017
1.12. Woven Himmeli Decor
2.12. Snow Flowers
3.12. First Advent Sunday
4.12. BuJo Ideas for December
5.12. Framed Wreath
6.12. Finland's Independence Day
7.12. Paper Angels
8.12. Quilted Tablecloth
9.12. Marble Ornaments
10.12. Folded Wallpaper Baubles
11.12. Driftwood Ornament
12.12. Cute Fairy Lights
13.12. Four Ways to Bake Pulla
14.12. Himmeli Diamond
15.12. Snowball Christmas Tree Lights
16.12. Felt Star Mug Coasters
17.12. Wooden Wreath
18.12. Painted Star Napkins
19.12. Festive Sequin Text
20.12. How To Fold Christmas Tarts
21.12. Christmas Flower
22.12. Winter wears a furry coat
23.12. One Night Till Christmas
24.12. Merry Christmas!

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