Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Bohemian Scandi Gift Wrapping Ideas

Happy Tuesday! I have found the inspiration for paper crafting again! I have done some small projects during these past years but I haven´t been this keen about paper crafting than I am now. Past days I have been crafting with stamps, papers, paints and sequins and it has been truly inspiring. I used to love making cards, wreaths and other paper craft projects but I have had a long pause. My interests have been mainly on furniture DIYs, recycling projects, fabrics and yarn because those materials and techniques have felt right at the moment. I also think that paper crafts are not as simple as one might think, they require a lot of concentrating and relaxed mind. 

Letting yourself play and create without any productivity goals is very relaxing and I can warmly recommend this to everyone! Don´t make in a hurry but allow yourself time to just look at the beautiful materials, think what you might want to make and then let the time fly! Here are some of my ideas how to make your own gift wrapping paper and cards. Style is something I would describe as bohemian Scandi. Key is to choose quite natural/simple color palette and then play with different patterns.  Techniques are extremely simple: you just cut, stamp and paint.! 

Luxurious Gift Box
Have you already emptied a chocolate box or two even if is not Christmas yet? Yep, happened to me too. But no worries, you can make this beautiful flower decorated gift box. This is a classy way to give a gift. It is nice to give someone this impressive package and say that you have made it by yourself as this looks more complicated to make that it really is! 

You will need: An empty chocolate box, white paperboard that has little pearl shine, wall paper or wrapping paper, sequins, glitter, glue, knife (not sharp but like the one you use for eating), scissors and flower shape cutter.
How to: Cover the chocolate box with wall paper or wrapping paper. Cut 12 flowers from paperboard with flower shape cutter. Go through the petals with knife as you would pull a gift wrapping yarn. Decorate the flowers with glitter and sequins. Glue flowers to the cover of the box.

3 Ways With Wrapping Paper
What would better add homemade feeling for the gift than DIY wrapping paper? Here I introduce three simple ways to decorate plain brown paper or wall paper left overs.

1. You will need: Wall paper, big and small brush, grey chalk/acrylic paint, golden acrylic paint. 
How to: Paint uneven spots with a big brush and grey paint. Use smaller brush and golden paint to make uneven line into every grey dot.
2. You will need: A wooden stamp, dark grey chalk paint, foam brush, brown wrapping paper.
How to: Apply little bit of chalk paint to the stamp with foam brush and press even rows to the wrapping paper. You will have to add paint to the stamp after every picture. 
3. You will need: Brown wrapping paper, golden spray paint, lace table cloths. (I made this paper at the same when I spray painted this Christmas table runner.
How to: Place lace table cloths on the paper and spray the paint. Remove the table cloth and you will have beautiful lace pattern on the paper. 

Stamp and Glitterize Cards

Use acrylic or chalk paint and wooden stamp to make a folklore inspired Christmas cards. Add a little bling bling with few sequins. Point is to make even rows with stamp and place sequins in symmetrical order. Tip! If you don´t have nerve to stamp a whole wrapping paper you can use plain paper and then decorate the gift with this stamped card. 

Star garland from Indiska.

Lots of paper crafting but also some Downton Abbey and winter running have been themes of the week for me. The other day it was -15 Celsius degrees but I got a sudden burst of motivation to go running. Or jogging actually, but it will be running after some months :) Even though the cold weather has it´s challenges soft snow is so good base for running. Evenings I have spent knitting and watching Downton Abbey on DVD. I have already gone through seasons 4-6 plus some specials. I have seen some episodes before but I never followed Downton Abbey on TV. It is great series and even though I know now how things ended I want to see seasons 1-3. I think this series is good Christmas time entertainment with beautiful costumes and interesting story. And it is always nice to learn something new about the history.

What you have been making, watching and reading lately? 

Wishing you all crafty and cosy December days!


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