Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas is here!

Merry Christmas everyone! I had planned not to have a traditional Christmas tree this year but you know me, I am hard as rock ;) My strength can be measured with simple candy bowl test. Put beautifully paper wrapped candy to a bowl and keep them there "as decoration". Take time how long they will stay there. Not for long I can confess! Well it is OK to say that it is Christmas now. Glittering Christmas tree gives lovely scent to the whole apartment. Hyacinths that I bought yesterday will open just in time for the festive weekend. Here in Finland 24th is the day when gifts are given, tables are full of treats and lovely traditional Christmas programs are on telly.

I have got some knitting to do for present but I know I will get it done easily. The tree has now been 3 days and it has been so cozy to look at the decorations and lights. I folded origami boxes to the Christmas tree lights to add bit of modern touch. As I wrote before, paper crafting has again after a long break become a hobby of mine. I spent many hours just folding rhythmic and listening to radio. I skipped cleaning every corner of the house. It is so dark that no one will notice the difference. Instead of cleaning I put the time into crafting, watching movies and reading. I took a huge pile of movies and books from library so I can spend the holidays reading and relaxing. Mainly I have been reading entertaining and fast paced scifi and historical books and watching romantic movies.

I have already made a plan for holiday menu. Sushi, deep-fried tofu, tortilla, pizza and pita ingredients are waiting in the kitchen. I won´t make all at once but instead I will cook fresh food every day. I was also very inspired by a Finnish talk show Efter Nio and their tips for Christmas menu. Main point was that not everything has to be prepared at home because stores sell lots of good ready made products. So I took the tip by heart and bought small portions of  ice cream, tiramisu and creme brulee from a store. No dessert worries this year! And if I had made all these myself I would have ended with larger portions and less dishes. Now there is little bit of everything.

As usually, this time of the year my thoughts have already been in the coming year. Pantone has declared the color of the year and the Economist has inspiring podcasts that discuss about how the year to come will/might look like. I have made notes and lists about projects and potential trends that I would like to take part. It looks like the year to come will be super inspiring and somehow futuristic. What I have heard predicted as the huge topics for 2017 (climate change for example) I think that it is inevitable that 2017 will be also a year of values and discussion about ethics. But before walking into the year 2017 lets celebrate Christmas.

Have a Peaceful, Relaxing and Merry Christmas 2016!


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