Thursday, 23 March 2017

Stylish DIY Updates for Living Room

Sometimes furniture and home decorations just begins to look a bit old fashioned and not in a good way. Then it is time to ask the question whether to keep or sent it to new home. DIY possibilities with old furniture and decor are endless in case you decide to give a makeover to your old friend or in case you find someone´s old treasure from a thrift shop. I love challenges what comes to DIY projects! Especially when I find a piece that seems to be so last season I begin to think what could it become. This time old yellow side table and 80´s block mirror got a new chance and moved to 2017. Now it is time to reveal how they looked before!

Table is originally bought from a thrift shop and maybe few decades old. It used to be wooden, then painted with white and after that it got some yellow. Well trends come and go and there is always a new chance for a beautiful furniture like this to get a new go in a new dress. I wanted to paint the table purple and leave the cover without paint. I took off all the paint I could rip or sand. Legs would have needed chemical paint remover so I chose to let them be and sanded just a bit. Then I painted the table with purple coconut paint 3-4 times. To the cover I applied antiquing wax, let it dry and sanded a bit to get stylish patina.

The color turned out beautiful and the surface of the table cover is soft and it looks like it is really old. This kind of wooden cover with painted legs would look classy on any wooden table and I am now dreaming of a kitchen table made this way. 

Just when we took down 80s block mirrors they are having a new coming. Have you browsed interior magazines and seen all those stylish and creative block mirrors? Cutting old block mirror squares to new shape might be too tricky so I am showing you how I transformed some blocks into a new trendy entity. Thrift shops have quite often old picture frames and I have collected some. I measured the mirrors and frames and saw off extras from every side of a frame to get it fit for the mirror. Then I just glued the frames together and painted with grey coconut paint 3-4 layers and made accents with white paint. Then I attached the mirrors to the frames and hanged to the wall as a group.

I have been doing quite big projects recently and now before Easter I am trying to focus on smaller decorative projects. It is just that making furniture makeovers is so much fun! I like the process of designing, choosing a paint, sanding, feeling the material and painting. I would also like to try some new techniques and I have got two side tables and bed headboard that could benefit having a little bit of DIYing. Equally I have got really interesting materials to make smaller crafts and home decor so that now I am putting two or three weeks to that. 

Have you been making furniture DIY projects lately? Have you already planned Easter decorations?

Tomorrow it is already Friday, so I am wishing you happy and inspiring weekend!


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