Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Midsummer DIY: Boho Dreamcatcher

Happy summer solstice! Midsummer is here and it is the best time to pick flowers and wander in the fresh green nature. Midsummer is one of the biggest annual festivals in Finland and quite many people prepare festive food from seasons ingredients, spend time as near the nature as possible and just relax.  In my childhood Midsummer was also time to make midsummer magic. One traditional magic is to pick 7 flowers from different species and put them under a pillow at Midsummer night. That way you can see your future fiancĂ© in your dream.  Believe if you like :D In my mind Midsummer's theme color is white paired with green. This is why I want to share this delicate bohemian style dreamcatcher DIY with you. Make one for gift or decorate your garden with a few dreamcatchers hanging from the trees. Perfect project to make on a rainy day when you are wearing woolen socks and listening to radio. 


Boho Dreamcatcher

Metal ring
Lace cloth
Garden twine
Small branches

Japanese saw
Drilling machine
Drill 3mm

Note: Lace cloth and metal ring should be about same size so that it is easy to attach to the ring.

Here I have got material for two dreamcatchers, small and medium.

Step 1. Take 5 small branches. Saw off the uneven end from one side of the branch. Drill 3mm hole to the same end near the cut (see picture).

 These branches are ready to use in the project.

Step 2. Usually it is easy to see the corners of the lace cloth and attach the cloth from every corner to the ring. If your cloth is perfect round attach evenly the cloth for example from every 3rd loop. Take a piece of garden twine and using needle thread the twine from the loop.

Make a knot around the ring. Do other corners / loops similarly.

Step 3. All corners done. Cut off the extra long twines to have nice even tassels.

Step 4. Attach the branches to the one side of the ring so that they hang beautifully under the ring.

Step 5. Then it is time to finish the dream catcher with ribbon leftovers. Tie the ribbons near the branches.


It was so relaxing to make these catchers. I think these are beautiful bohemian style decorations for Midsummer garden party. Add some nature flowers and the look is complete. These are also pretty indoor for example in bedroom ceiling or windows.  This is a fun way to use old lace cloths that are easy to find from thrift shops. Some decades ago crocheting lace was very popular. Quite often I see skilled lace cloths that must have taken hours to make. There is a limit how many cloths I need to use on table so making dreamcathers everyone can admire is a honorable way to use these skilled crafts.

Wishing The best Midsummer Weekend to You All!


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