Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The CNS Advent Calendar

The Creative Night Shift proudly presents 24 steps to bohemian Finnish Christmas starting from 1.12. There will be new post every day at 7 a.m. local time (GMT+2). There are plenty of DIY and craft projects coming (16) plus some baking ideas and lifestyle. Because it is about Christmas spirit and because this is the Creative Night Shift -blog, projects are low cost. I won't list any pricey gift shopping ideas to this calendar. This blog will stay as a place for those who want to concentrate making and feeling Christmas. 

In many projects materials can be found from thrift stores and one's own cupboards. We will use wallpaper left overs, driftwood and water balloons. Basic cardboard paper goes to many forms. Techniques used are from paper cutting to quilting and painting. Also I have payed attention that projects are relatively simple and won't take days to make. Some you can make in an hour some might take a day or two. I have included many Christmas crafts that are traditional here in Finland. The most traditional crafts seem to make the most modern decor. 

A blog advent calendar has long been my dream. This year it was the time to challenge myself. I love Christmas and all small crafts that belong to this season. Sweet gingerbreads, Christmas radio, cosy  winter days, apartment buildings decorated with various colorful fairylights, old glittery glass ornaments, paper crafts and hyacinths make the Christmas look, sound and smell like it should on my opinion. Great thing about Christmas is that some parts of it you can store in a box and take that box from storage and bring in all the memories in a form of decor and Christmas tree ornaments. I remember when I have made or bought the ornaments. I can recall how me and my friend visited the Christmas department at high school years: Decorations were quite expensive and we bought one or two glass baubles per year. I can also remember how I found a hand painted Santa figurine from a thrift store bag full of plastic baubles. Electric Christmas chandeliers have always belonged to Christmas since childhood and when the first ones appear to window sills it begins to feel that the best season is coming.

To embrace this atmosphere I have created this advent calendar. I really hope it inspires to make small Christmas projects and spreads good Christmas spirit. You can follow the calendar from this blog thecreativenightshift.blogspot.com, from instagram: sannu_cns and twitter: sannufromthecns.  On social media I will use hashtag #thecnsadventcalendar and you can use it too to share your projects and Christmas preparations.

After ten nights it will start! the Creative Night Shift Advent Calendar! Until that lets enjoy these last days of November :)


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