Friday, 1 December 2017

1.12. Woven Himmeli Decor

I am so excited about December that I woke up 6 a.m. this morning to make sure all goes fine with this first calendar post. For me the first of December means it is acceptable to share pictures of Christmas decor and Christmassy thoughts en masse :D Christmas is near and it is the best time to relax and make small crafts, bake sweet treats and wander in the wintry landscapes.

This year 1.12. means the first The Creative Night Shift Advent Calendar -post. 24 steps to bohemian Finnish Christmas is about DIY projects, small crafts, baking ideas and lifestyle. All projects will be relatively easy to make and low cost. If you like my advent calendar posts please share on social media and tell your friends so they know to visit here too <3 For me blogging and social media is about making new friends, so if you are new here please leave a comment and/or follow on social media so we can connect!

Today's project is Woven Himmeli Decor that is made of simple materials. Even though himmeli is a traditional decor it looks always so modern. In Finnish this himmeli type is called pirtahimmeli because it is made with pirtalauta. I did googling to find out what pirtalauta is called in English and found some pictures of this this tool with name cricket weaving loom.

You will need:

a Cricket weaving loom
Cotton yarn in two colors
Garden twine
Wooden barbecue skewer

How to:

Step 1. Keep the straws soaked in warm water for two hours. Then cut the flexible straws to 8,5 cm pieces. 

Step 2. You will need 11 four meter long yarns, 5 in color A (black) and 6 in color B (white). Starting from the middle of the cricket weaving loom put one A yarn through the gap. Then put color A yarns to two gaps on both sides of the middle gap. Starting from the middle put color B yarns to the holes. Knot yarn ends together on both sides of the cricket weaving loom.

Step 3. Attach yarn bunches for example from table leg to door knob to get the loom tight. Now you have long yarns pulled tight and cricket weaving wood hanging through yarns. Beginning from one end start weaving garden twine to the loom, this will keep the work tight. By lifting and putting down the cricket weaving loom you get the yarns working. After 5 cm start weaving straws to the loom. When you have the wanted length weave in one 8,5 cm piece of barbecue skewer. Cut the yarns from the loom and knot to the skewer.  Finish the yarn ends. Hang the decor and twist the straw lines a little bit to make the himmeli 3D.


  1. The finished weaving is a beautiful surprise!

    1. Thank you Elaine! It is really amazing how simple elements make a decoration that is this stunning. Happy December!


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