Friday, 26 January 2018

Nordic Style Bedside Shelf DIY

Bedside table is a classic and there is a reason for that. It is easy to leave glasses, phone, clock and books to a surface near a bed so those can be found in the morning or next evening. Small furniture in every corner then is a challenge when you try to clean the floors. Pretty wall shelves answer to the problem. The most beautiful pieces are like sculptures on the wall. Random items on a shelf might ruin the look so I came up with this idea to hide the items on the shelf. Of course you can see through the rows of wooden beads but it tricks the eye so that the overall look is organized.

For over an year now I have liked bare wood. It looks so beautiful after years of thick paint and ornaments. It has also calming effect as the wood feels soft and it has so many details when you stop to look at it. It also matches with colorful textiles surprisingly well when the wood in question hasn't turned too yellow but has still the shimmering white hue. This small shelf would also be a stylish decoration in the kitchen with few glass objects or jars in it. The basic idea how to make this shelf is simple, you just drill even row of holes to the front of the shelf and thread beads through.

Nordic Style Bedside Shelf DIY

You will need:
150 cm* 20 cm plank
6 shelf holders and screws
Wooden beads: 
48 beads in 35 mm 
64 beads in 25 mm
16 small beads
Strong cotton yarn

Drilling machine and 3 mm drill

Step 1. Saw three 50 cm pieces from the 20 cm wide plank. Sand the ends.

Step 2. Drill similar holes to every piece to one long side with 3 mm drill. Because the biggest bead is 3,5 cm I put the holes in the corners 1,75 cm from side edges.  Also the row of holes comes 1,75 from the edge. The space between corner holes is then divided to seven even (6,64 cm) parts to get the points where to drill.

Step 3. Attach the shelf holders with screws 6 cm from the sides.

Step 4. Put the shelves to a wall in even row 20 cm from each other. Thread the beads through the shelves with strong cotton yarn. I put double yarn with a small bead in the middle so the top shelf got an interesting detail from the bead row. I also put similar small bead under the last shelf and made double knots. Then I put some glue to the knot and let it dry before I cut the yarn ends off. 

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