Friday, 16 February 2018

Quilt Pattern: Memory of August

You are allowed to laugh at me if you like. I have made a new quilting project thinking of warm late summer sun even though there is constant pour of snow and strong winds outside. Coldest winter months are at hand so it is actually very logical to dream of summer and gather warm inviting colors to a quilt's palette. The first draft I made for this project before Christmas but the darkest three months I keep a break from quilting. These projects need light in order to succeed because there are so many fine details. Seams need to match and stitches to be even so the look is finished. Not to talk about color planning. I don't want to notice in the first sunlight that colors I have chosen are anything but the colors they seemed to be in artificial light. It might be interesting for you to compare the first ideas on my bullet journal spread to the final version you can see in a pillow. Idea can be seen in the drawing but every time the end result is a little bit different after the whole process.

I have made quite many quilt projects during these years when I have been blogging. In the pictures you can also see the very first quilting project I have put in this blog, the Creative Night Shift. It is a blanket made with log cabin technique and has been a start for my colorful quilting style. Before that I have made two blankets, some smaller works and about five pillows if I remember correct. Quilting is a hobby that easily turns into a passion of a lifetime. It offers endless possibilities to learn new, test different styles and plan your own projects. If you study more about traditional quilts you will learn how much symbolism they hold. Learning about the symbols take you to an another level of quilting. I have tried to catch some emotions to my quilts, how I have felt when planning and making and what has been around me at that moment.

This month's pattern is called Memory of August and I share with you some tips how to make your own piece. In my last post I opened the planning and making process and from that you can read how much time it takes to create a new quilting pattern. If you like my work please share on social media and/or link to my blog so people can see these posts too. Also if you get inspired by my posts I would love to see your own creations, connect on social media and visit your blog. 

Color planning. The print with black birds was too strong to company with the rest of the fabrics so I left it out. After making the first blocks I saw that I needed to add strong yellow to brighten the palette.

Memory of August

You will need:

Cotton fabric in red, grape, pink, peach, orange, yellow and pattern.
Sewing yarn
Embroidery yarns
Batting fabric
Back fabric (pink)


Sewing machine
Quilter's rule
Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Embroidery hoop

Step 1. Cut 6,5 * 10 cm rectangles: 10 in Grape/ 10 in Orange/ 8 in Pink/ 8 in Red/ 8 in Yellow/ 8 in Peach

Step 2. Make triangle blocks using 6,5 * 10 cm rectangles. Combine together grape and orange / pink and yellow / red and peach. To a block you need two rectangles in both colors. Put the rectangles as shown in the picture right sides together and matching together opposite corners. Attach the pieces together and draw a line from corner to corner. Remember to make the second piece as a mirror image.

Step 3. Sew from both sides of the line with 0,75 cm sewing allowance. Cut the pieces apart following the drawn line. Open the seam with iron.

Step 4. Now you have four triangle rectangles. Cut off the extras that come out of the sewing allowance.

Step 5. Now you have many ways to place the rectangles and create different patterns. In this project we are using the first and sixth way. With grape and orange use the first one and with red and peach & pink and yellow use the sixth.

Step 6. Sew pieces of the block together. First long sides together and then matching the seams combine the two parts. Note that there is a bit bigger sewing allowance when you combine the two parts!!

Step 7. After you have made all triangle blocks measure a block and make plain rectangles in following colors: 4 in orange/ 4 in red/ 2 in pink / 4 in pattern.

Step 8. Sew blocks together following the picture above. Remember to iron well.

Step 9. Layer together batting fabric, batting and the quilt, pin and sew. Then stitch the layers together using embroidery hoop, embroidery yarn and needle.

Step 10. After you have stitched the layers together cut off the extra batting and batting fabric. Sew the quilt into a pillow. Tips for that you can find from my previous quilting tutorial. 

I wish you the most wonderful and relaxing weekend my friends! If you need more quilting inspiration check these two tutorials:


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