Thursday, 27 April 2017

Are You a Thrift Shop Explorer?

I admit that I am. My home looks like I have traveled the world. I have got lots of global influences and peculiar bohemian objects in my home. When I see someones old souvenirs at the local thrift shop I begin to wonder where those are from and what kind of place it has been. Especially retro and vintage souvenirs boost my imagination because travelling used to have a bit more excitement in the old times when it was not such a common thing. Somehow those objects take me to another place and time. I also like to find things that are related to travelling and gathering knowledge like old books and maps. Old encyclopedias and map books open a world that does not exist anymore. Even though that world is not always a better one it gives a place to travel with your imagination and picture it more romantic.

Nowadays global bohemian style seems to be very popular and there are specialized shops that sell items to go with that style. Some businesses support local craftsmanship some just focus on creating products that look like they are from certain, currently popular, area. I buy new home decor items quite rarely because trends go so rapidly and new begins to look old too soon. Things that I buy second hand hold more time because they are not so easily marked by the season. There is also the money issue. It makes a difference whether the object costs 1€ or  10-30€. It is accessible to make a whole new look using thrifted items compared to buying all new.

I am always after interesting home decor and fabrics. I mix these finds with domestic decor to find the exotic side that is not always easy to see in more familiar objects. For example current Nordic style is minimalist but old Finnish folklore patterns used in handicrafts are as decorative and colorful as anywhere else. It is interesting how same kind of patterns appear all over the world but just in a slightly different form and color. It is sometimes just easier to see how beautiful fashionable foreign home decorations look than the old and ordinary near to you.

Can you spot the Finnish items in this picture?

Last week I found hanging baskets from a thrift shop. On Pinterest there has been a lot of inspiration on how to decorate with plants. The more the better seems to be the guideline. I fell in love with how the plants had been lifted near the ceiling creating a jungle like look. The moment I saw the basket hangers I knew I had to try that style in my own home. These two hangers then changed the whole home decor! Because this year spring and summer seem to come late (it has been snowing!!) I needed to create a corner that would bring in the summer in advance. I gathered all my plants to one place to have a green spot. I placed my working table to the same place to have more natural light when writing. I also collected objects that connote to summer in my mind like shells and stones. I took two old maps that have been inclusions of a book. I had framed the black and white map before on a smaller frames but now as I wanted it to go with the bigger map I framed it with wider passepartout. The other day I visited a small charity shop in case there would be any objects to complete the style. There is always a basket where you can take things for free and I found lots of interesting objects like two wooden bowls  (see below). I would still need more mini size baskets to put in the six loops in the bigger basket hanger. Well, one has to have projects! It would be horrible to get all projects finished, right? :D

Have fun for the last 4 days of April, soon it is May!


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