Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Cosy winter days at home

"It´s the most wonderful time of the year" as they sing in the Christmas song. I really enjoy these winter days when there is snow and frost outside like in a fairy tale. Sun rises just for few hours allowing to light candles and spend time at home. I´m keeping a small pause from the handicrafts during the holidays. It is difficult for a creative person but I feel it is good to do something different and slow down for a while. I have gotten lots of new ideas that I have written down so that I have lots to do the year to come :)

One thing I am very sad about. After Boxing day people begun to talk that Christmas is over! It was on news and social media. Everyone is allowed to celebrate as they feel is best but it influences to my spirits a bit depressing way. Everyone has such a big rush to go to the sales and clean away the Christmas decorations. It might be idealistic but in this case I oppose the commercialism that encourages this kind of behavior. After we have ´bought the Christmas` they start selling something new and we allow it without any hesitation. Constant buying without any moment of satisfaction and completeness. After the hectic December it would be healthy to enjoy the whole holiday season in peace before the new challenges. When I was a little girl Christmas lasted from Christmas Eve to Epiphany when the Christmas tree and decorations were put away. Middle days went with winter sports and there were lots of old Christmas movies for children on the TV. Maybe I am living in a wrong time :)

I went so long with my nostalgia that I got some old movies and Christmas CD:s from the library to keep me in the mood. Instead of shops I have been taking a daily walk in the nature. I have also cooked festive food and baked buns and cookies. I have a pile of good historical novels from the flea market so good reads won´t run out. I have prepared for Christmas season so that I have no need to go out of my own magic circle :)

For those who are still in the mood for Christmas I have some photos. Maybe you will get some ideas for middle days and new year celebration. Best wishes

Sannu, Santas little helper ;)

This picture is from my balcony.

ps. Happy New Year! Hope it will be better than the last one :)

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