Thursday, 28 January 2016

Color inspiration for quilting

I just wanted to pop up and tell about this weeks DIY project. I felt a sudden urge to have a new bedspread that reflects more the spirit of spring. In the autumn I was after deeper colors like dark red, green, gold and brown. And I know that next autumn it will be the same thing. The autumn/winter bedspread is waiting in the closet for it´s next season. The good thing about changing textiles is that by using different shades of color you can bring various atmospheres during the year.

In this new project I use brighter shades of red and green. Color combination that I love. I have also added some light blue, orange and yellow. I actually got inspiration from the furniture I have. Green kitchen table and light blue closet. I also spray panted some little elements with yellow, a project that I will introduce later this week.

The fabrics are a combination of old and new. Most of these are from flea market. It is difficult to find these kind of colors from fabric store so I prefer to use retro fabrics like old pillow cases. I have also found some interesting fabrics that I think someone has brought as a souvenir from foreign countries and were now in the flea market. The new ones I have bought from Handicraft fair that was in November and from a summer trip to Ostrobothnia where there was this big department store Kärkkäinen.

Quilting with this block technique is easy because you don´t have to spread all the little pieces to your floor to remember where everything is planned to go. You can plan the project and then work similar smaller pieces that are quick to combine.

I hope that at the end of the week I can show you the result of this project.

Until that, bright winter days to you all!


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