Saturday, 6 February 2016

A quilted blanket with bold colors

I really enjoy quilting because it is one of the best ways to use small pieces of fabric. I have also noticed that combining old and new fabrics makes pieces to show their best. If I would pick just one of these fabrics that I used and sew it to a bedspread it would not look as good as this no matter how beautiful the fabric would be.

In my opinion these kind of handicrafts do not go off fashion as quickly as single fabric prints might go.  When you combine fabrics from different eras there is no date for the end product. When I read about quilting models I was surprised how modern the blankets from the 1800´s look like, I would have dated black and white graphical blankets to the 1980´s :) 

Even though this blanket is a real mix of colors and patterns all of them seem to be from the same color family. I chose to use colors that can already be found in my apartment. I tamed the colors with grey that is almost black. 

For cutting the pieces to your work you will need a quilters ruler, a cutter and a mat.  These make quilting so much easier as you can get straight lines with one move. In my project the center pieces were 20 cm *20 cm. And stripes 4,5 cm. Measurements include 0,75 cm seams. You don´t have to measure the length of the stripe as you circle the square one side at the time cutting of the leftovers. 

Quilt blocks. I added one round of dark grey before combining the blocks with another shade of grey.

After combining the blocks I added 20 cm thick stripes to both ends and 4,5 cm to the sides.
Then I made the layers placing top, batting and basic cotton fabric one on the other. Then I used small knots to tie the layers together. I also made decorative stitches to the squares. Then I went all the side edges with sewing machine´s zig zag stitch before finishing with ribbon.

After taking these photographs I went to a flea market and found two pillow cases that match perfectly to this blanket. Sometimes the right things just come to you :)

Best wishes Sannu

ps. Do you have experiences with quilting?  How did you like it?


  1. Kaunis! Upeat värit ja kuviot. Ja niin tarkkaa työtä.

    No, minäkin viimeistelin juuri oman tilkkupeittoni. Olin näprännyt sitä viimeiset kolme vuotta, joten olikin jo aika. Siitä tuli pinkki-vihreä-valkoinen (tuli tytön huoneeseen) ja sain käytettyä siihen vanhojen pöytäliinojen siistit kohdat. Se peitto ei kestä lähempää tarkastelua, koska mä en vaan jaksa mitata niitä ruutuja... Mutta tytär oli otettu ja mielissään, ja mullakin oli hauskaa. Olenkin jo miettinyt uuden aloittamista :)

  2. Kiitos!

    Hauska idea käyttää pöytäliinojan paloja, sait varmasti kivoja kuoseja työhösi.Tilkkutyöt ovat jollain tavalla koukuttavia. Toisaalta hyvin haastavia, mutta samalla niissä on se viehätys, kun pala palalta työ valmistuu ja lopputulos alkaa hahmottua.


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