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10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

The Creative Night Shift proudly presents: 10 (Glamorous) Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs! If you have followed my two week journey trying to get this finished, you might sigh: Finally! :D It´s not that I would lack inspiration doing this. Quite the opposite. I just always came with new and new ideas how to make better and better so that I have found it difficult to stop. Now I think I have enough Easter eggs for this year. I would say this is not a minimalists guide to Easter decorating. But note that you can choose the colors you prefer. So that if you like you can use for example black and white and silver ending up with completely different result. My leading idea was to use pink, blue (or turquoise)  and golden glitter. This has also been the red line when I made this display on my chest of drawers. BUT lets start with the eggs!

You can use plain hen eggs or plastic ones. Painting is easier with real eggs as the acrylic paint attaches better. When making an egg cozy by knitting or crocheting I would use plastic egg so that it won´t broke. When using real eggs remember to empty the eggs first.

1. Glitter Egg

This is one of the easiest way to decorate eggs. Apply glue all over the surface. Sprinkle glitter to the egg. Use a plate or a box to collect loose glitter. Let the egg dry. 

2. Dot Egg

Use puncher to make dots from a wrapping paper. Paint the egg using acrylic color. Decorate with the dots.

 The picture below leads us to the following idea.

3. Flower Decoupage Egg (I call this Marie Antoinette :)

 Choose a napkin that has small motifs to cut. Cut some motifs and separate the picture layer from the white layers. If the motif is too transparent leave one white layer.

 Paint the egg with acrylic color. Mix glue and some water. Using a brush apply some glue mixture to the place you are going to put the motif. Place the motif and apply some more glue mixture to the top of the motif. Attach all the motifs in a similar manner. Let the work dry.

Using a small brush border the motifs and paint some spirals and S-shaped curls between the motifs. As you can see from the picture you don´t need to be a master painter to do this. Just relax and create :) 

Below is a picture of an egg that has been painted the same way but with different color. Looks very different? Doesn´t it?

4. Feather Egg

 Apply some glue to the middle of the feather. Sprinkle golden glitter to the glue. Paint the egg using acrylic color and glue the feathers.

5. Painted Ornamental Egg

Use acrylic colors. Paint the egg with the color you choose. The use a very small brush and white color. Divide the egg to eight sectors by sketching like in you see in the picture above.

Combine the lines.

Paint five circles to every sector.

Change to golden paint. In every other sector paint the outside of the circles with golden paint and in the other sectors paint the circles (use flat brush). If needed make the white lines stronger and paint some small dots inside the circles.

6. Traditional Easter Egg

Decorate the egg with peel of stickers. Use a sponge to apply the paint. Remove the stickers (those areas are left white).

7. Knitted Egg

Use size 3 needles and cotton yarn. Cast 9. 
1.When knitting the first round divide the stitches to three needles. "Knit 3, increase one" "" repeat. >12 sts.
2. Knit.
3. "Knit 4, increase one" "" repeat. > 15 sts.
4. Knit.
5. "Knit 5, increase one" "" repeat. > 18 sts.
6. Knit.
7. " Knit 3, increase one" "" repeat. > 24 sts.
8. Knit.
9. "Knit 4, increase one" "" repeat. > 30 sts.
10. Knit.
11. "Knit 10, increase one" "" repeat. > 33 sts.
12.-24. Knit.
Put the egg inside the cozy!!!
25. "Knit 9, 2tog" "" repeat. > 30 sts.
26. "Knit 3, 2tog" ""repeat. > 24 sts.
27. "Knit 2, 2tog" ""repeat. > 18 sts.
28. Knit.
29. "Knit 1, 2tog" ""repeat. > 12 sts.
30 Knit.
31. "2tog" ""repeat.
32. Knit one, put back to the needle from which you are knitting. Pull over all the other loops.

End the yarn left overs. If you want you can decorate the egg using loop stitches.

8. Hearts and stripes <3

Use double sided glue paper. Cut hearts or stripes. Paint the eggs using acrylic colors. Attach the motifs. Remove also the other side of the glue paper and sprinkle the motifs with glitter.

9. Decoupage and glitter.

Cut four sectors from decoupage paper (or a napkin) and apply them to the egg using glue and water mixture. Cut stripes from glue paper and glitterize the seams of the sectors.

10. Crocheted Egg

Use crochet needle 1,75 mm and thin crocheting yarn.

Chain 5 and combine to a ring with slip stitch.

1. 12 double crochets to the ring.
2. Crochet 2 double crochets to every stitch.
3. Crochet 2 double crochets to every other stitch and one to others.
4. Crochet a double crochet in every stitch.
5. 2 double crochets in every third stitch, one to others. 
6.-8. Crochet a double crochet in every stitch.
9. Using single crochets: "crochet 2, 2tog" "" repeat.
10.  Crochet a double crochet in every stitch.
11.Using single crochets: "crochet 1, 2tog" "" repeat.
12. Crochet a double crochet in every stitch.
13. Using single crochets: "2tog" ""repeat.
Pull the yarn through the stitches that are left. End the yarns.

+ some other ideas

If you can´t find perfect branches from the nature, use Japanese saw to form one masterpiece from a pile of branches! 

Combine the branches by drill. No one will notice this little DIY part if you spray paint the whole thing with golden spray paint :)

Hope you got some inspiration and ideas for the coming Easter. 

Wishing you all a good start for the week!


By the way, did you notice that I am on twitter nowadays? How inspiring it is to follow all you creative people and share the common passion for DIY, crafts, colors, interior design and baking! I am so exited. I have already found many new people and blogs to follow. Are you on twitter?

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