Monday, 7 March 2016

How to make paper flowers for Easter twigs

Now it is time to get your Easter twigs inside so that they have time to grow their green leaves. These little paper flowers are simply to make and make poetic and delicate combination with new green leaves.

You will need:

white paper twine
artificial flower stamens
flower tape
(scissors and brush)

Cut about 7 cm long piece from the paper twine. Open the other side. Cut it to roundish shape.

Paint the middle of the petal with watercolor.

Take two petals and place 4 artificial flower stamens to form the middle and then collect the other four petals around the stamens.

Attach the petal bouquet with wire. Use flower tape to cover the flower stem.

You are ready! Now you can make these in multiple colors and attach to Easter twigs with some flower tape.

Now I am waiting for the little green leaves to come. My last week and whole weekend went painting Easter eggs. I am working on to make a big post about glamorous egg painting ideas for this week. It is only three weeks till Easter. Where did the weeks go? :)

Do you have any plans to craft for Easter? What kind of Easter decorating traditions do you have?


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