Sunday, 20 March 2016

About the Finnish Easter Witch Tradition

Today it is Palm Sunday and Easter is coming so soon! In Finland we have this tradition that reminds a little bit of Halloween trick or treating. On Palm Sunday kids go from door to door dressed up as witches. They have beautifully decorated Easter twigs that they wave and wish good year and health. This is called virpoa (verb). When they give Easter twigs they get chocolate eggs or other treats. Originally it was not just kids who wished good year. People used to bless each other with Easter twigs wishing health, good luck with the year´s crop and well being for (farm) animals. Why then kids are dressed up as witches? If I have understood correctly the witch tradition is actually other tradition that has been combined with this habit to virpoa. When Christ was in his grave all the bad spirits and creatures like witches could do their tricks. Nowadays Easter witches are cute and a bit shabby creatures and they wish all the good for people.

(I made these little Easter witch dolls this weekend for decoration. Heads are made from modelling material that you can buy from crafts store. I painted the heads with acrylic colors. I sew the dresses and aprons. Then I combined the heads to the costumes and made a stand inside the dress.) 

Wishing You all good health, well being and luck with your projects this year! :)


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