Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Project of the week: Pom pom chandelier

This project took several days because felting balls and making pom poms is quite time consuming. I have noticed that when I have a strong vision on something I find myself able to do monotonic work for days just to see the result. This was one of those projects. I also needed the color therapy this felting/pom pom workout offered. It was just plain lovely to be surrounded by all this amount of color! And wool as a material is so soft and warm. During the hours of work I watched DVD boxes and listened to radio. Penny Dreadful is one of those series I would not be watching at dark, but when felting bright colored pom poms in a daylight it was not too scary. It is a brilliant series but almost too scary to get through. Now that I got hooked I can´t wait for another season to come. Maybe then I will make more pom poms :)

The chandelier makes me smile. I am enjoying so much this combination of different colors and materials with soft light. 

Do you have similar need for color this time of the year? Does your color palette change according to the seasons? 

This week I will share more ideas for spring and coming Easter. Keep in touch!


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