Friday, 24 June 2016

Sleeping Spaces Vol.1: A Bedroom Makeover

I was asked to help with a bedroom makeover. A bit worn off looking bedroom needed new color and some sparkle. I am not one of those ´cast everything away` kind of persons what comes to decorating so that is why I chose simple things to make the bedroom new. 

White is a nice and clean color so the creamy white walls were given a white wash with brighter shade of white and paired with lavender blue. In the window wall there are nice decorative frames that gave an idea to paint middle panels with blue and other ones with white. 

Old white bedspread from the storage got a new look when washing machine dyed with pink. One of the most simple ways of doing batik is to make knots as shown in the picture: just dye in a machine and remove the knots. Remember to round the yarn a few times and make the knot tight or otherwise the color will get under the knot and you won´t get any patterns.

With decorative cushions it is allowed to be creative. Long cyclamen red cushion was made of 3€ cotton skirt that was found from the local flea market.  Plain green fabric and golden faux leather are bought from the fabric shop as new.

Small table was found from the garbage so it didn´t cost anything. Green paint made wooden table match better to the colors. Curtains and carpets are old from the storage.

This makeover was very low cost. Green furniture paint and white wall paint were leftovers and lavender blue paint was 10€ bargain from sales. Dyeing color was 8€. Fabrics about 25€. Of course it takes time to find all items with a lower budget but hunting in flee markets and sales is the kind of sports we are into, right? :)

Vol. 2. of Sleeping Spaces is coming soon with more low budget ideas.



  1. Ihania, iloisia värejä :)

    1. Kiitoksia! Väreillä on kyllä voimaa muuttaa tila toiseksi ja vaikuttaa tunnelmaan :)


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