Sunday, 12 June 2016

Furniture makeover ideas and new style for living room

 The snowball effect 

Story begins with a pink chair. I have told you before how I wanted to try chalk paint and I decided to paint one of my chairs pink, you can read all about that project from here. As I fell in love with the chalk paint I was unable to stop and wanted to paint more. I begun eyeing my collection of wooden furniture.  As these are 40´s - 60´s furniture and very popular in original condition I do not want to ruin pieces that are in excellent shape. Table and larger cabinet were a bit worn off and I thought that it would be okay to paint them. My idea was also that wooden pieces would stand out better when some of them are painted.

Just too much wooden surface in one house. This table has a beautiful and uncommon form but it had some marks of sun and water damage. Best option was to fill in the holes, sand and paint with light grey chalk paint.

Then was this nice cabinet I bought some weeks ago from the flea market with 40€. I would have used chalk paint but I I was unable to find the right color so I decided to mix white and magenta colored acrylic paint to get the right shade. I made an eye catching detail by painting a lime green stripe between the doors. Simple to make but makes a big difference.

Well, then I had two beautiful and neat furniture. And as you might have experienced, when you get something new  you want to change the organization of all pieces at your home. And maybe put something away.

And it was the three part book shelf that got to go. It was a good shelf that I had bought from a flea market and I hope it´s saga will continue in somebody else´s home.

And so the story continues. Old wooden bed got it´s new place at the wall with the red cabinet. This bed´s makeover has been in my to do list for the last 5 years. This old piece is from my grandmother´s childhood home and at least 100 years old. About 10 years ago all the surfaces of old paint had been removed and it was painted white (according to the current trend). I have dreamed of taking the paint off and restoring the original grain style painting. Taking the paint off is actually a lot bigger job than painting and took one week! Now I am going to admire the beautiful bare surface for a while before I do anything to this furniture (I am not sure if I am going to actually make anything, as this looks so nice just the way it is).

After all this I thought I would like to do some more and painted the wall to dark grey and hanged my Egyptian posters to the living room wall.

The room makeover project got it´s finishing touches just this morning. The weekend had some nice surprises. On Friday I went to a furniture and interior decoration shop, a thing that I never do because I usually buy everything from the flea markets. But I went and it happened to be sale and I bought two grey carpets with 70% discount (99€ per one). And yesterday when I spent my time at the flea market round I found this 30´s or 40´s cabinet/ drawing board with 47€! So my storing problems after the bookshelf have been solved. 


And now the after photos. I am so satisfied how my living room looks right now. Now it has some modern touch that lets all the beautiful old furniture and handicrafts stand out.


I have to mention that the decorative cushions are made of an old jacket that had a very peculiar shape. The jacket was hand embroidered with cross stitches and cost 4,5€ at the local flea market so it  was good material for luxurious cushions.

Hope my makeover and before after ideas gave you some inspiration and encourage you to make all kinds of projects at your home. If you got some questions don´t hesitate to ask, I will be happy to hear from you :)


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