Sunday, 11 September 2016

Weekend Beauties

This weekend I have been reorganizing the living room. Even though I love to decorate at home and my intention is to keep the place beautiful all the time it takes just a few weeks to have a small mess everywhere. You know, that loose stuff hanging around the house after use. I also made a little arrangement to the living room sofa table using a wooden plate and candlesticks that are all flea market finds. To the plate I used intensive red/violet color and the candlesticks got a good wash and polishing.

Tomorrow, or actually today as it is already over midnight, I am heading to the southern Finland for a late summer holiday. I have been waiting the trip so eagerly as it has been a while since I have been away from home for a holiday. I have planned to visit lots of museums, cafe's and home decoration shops. I hope to find new inspiration for the Autumn/ Winter season. I still somehow feel like it´s summer maybe because the weathers turned into autumn so rapidly. Now I have been reading old autumn and winter issues from magazines to get to the right mood. 

So, travel notes are what is coming next :) Until that, have a good weekend and beginning of the week!


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