Tuesday, 4 April 2017

12 Months of Furniture Makeovers

Today I am looking back in time and browsing my picture files for furniture DIY  projects that I have made during the past year. Sometimes it feels like where has the time gone! Like the last spring would have been a minute ago. I began to ask myself what have I been doing for the past 12 moths. One of the things on my to do list has been to update my DIY page for this blog. When I started going through my posts I was surprised about the amount of posts. DIY related posts including these furniture makeovers are now listed on my DIY page.

When I counted how many furniture DIY projects I have made it seems that I have been making on average one project per month! Considering how time consuming these kind of bigger projects are it seems that this is what I have been doing quite a lot for the past 12 months:

The project that I am working on in this picture was maybe one of the two major projects that I made during the year. I have had this wooden bed for years and I had dreamed for years to get all those thick layers of paint removed. Removing paint is actually a lot more work than painting some layers more. But it was summer and I had tons of energy so it was time to take action.

And was I pleased with the result? 100% Now you can see the wood and beautiful original tones that were hidden under the layers. With the same energy boost I had already painted the cabinet and sofa table. Which seems to be the pattern of behavior, when I start something it turns into snowball effect where the paint brush moves from furniture to another and in this case also to the wall.

This is another major project I made. The drawer was broken to pieces when I found it from the garbage. I wanted to test if I can make a total makeover to it. It was a lot of work but at least I proved to myself that there is always a way to re-use material.

This is how the kitchen looked like the last spring. Cabinet behind the table is a DIY project from fall 2015 and is now in the living room.

After the Christmas 2016 I wanted to have some contrast to this space so I quickly updated the chairs and table with chalk paint.

This is my latest furniture makeover that some of you might remember. I removed the paint and painted/ waxed this table on March this year. I am thinking about making my TV table same way leaving the wood show on the cover.

This is also quite recent and from this year. I needed color for my entrance and I also wanted to test painting with a template. Definitely going to try it again, it was so much fun and easy way to get an interesting piece of furniture.

This chair is actually the first to get into the last 12 months. Chair was found from the garbage and it had already served me for some time. Because it was spring and I wanted lighter colors to my apartment I painted the brown 80s chair with pink.

This stool I made on last fall. I tested if plastic surface can be painted with chalk paint. It can! I used primer, chalk paint and antiquing wax. The surface is still good as new even though it has been on a rough use as a holder for big plant pot that gives a bit of water off from the bottom.

Another stool from garbage. With this stool I practiced decorative painting. Furniture found from garbage or from a thrift shop at a low cost are good for trying new techniques. Usually the end result is better than the before :)

This wooden floor lamp was from a thrift shop and got a makeover this year. I want to have a bit different furniture and decorations so going to thrift shops is a must! 

This cabinet is a good way to end this post. When I painted this cabinet last fall I showed you pictures how it has looked before as wooden and light blue. And that is actually the point in making these makeovers, you always fall in love with the same old furniture you have when you give them an update with color or sandpaper. It is a great way to save money to keep your eyes open when you walk through the streets and thrift stores. For me making DIY projects has become a lifestyle. I have got more ideas than I space to put them. It was eye opening to look at the old posts and live through the old projects. It has been lot of work, but work I have enjoyed every minute! Why else would I be taking new and new projects all the time. Sometimes during the dark mid winter months it has been competition against time because days are short and it is hard to find enough time. But then I remember how relaxing it is to work on long summer days when there is light and time.

Do you enjoy furniture makeovers? What have you been making lately and what have been your favorite projects?

I have already planned new projects for spring and summer... lost case :)

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